What To Buy – Synthetic Or Organic Childrens Sleepwear


For every parent, dressing their kids is probably fun. After all, those tiny socks and colorful kids pyjamas are really adorable. But, when shopping for kids pyjamas online or in a store, many parents don’t think if the kids pyjamas fabric was treated with various chemicals. Most childrens sleepwear and clothing is made out of cotton. And for majority of parents, that’s all that matters. However, what they do not know, and what a label on childrens sleepwear does not state, is that the cotton has been treated with various chemicals. Harmful chemicals. These chemicals cannot be washed and are instead absorbed by child’s skin. Of course, unless you buy only childrens sleepwear and clothing that is made out of 100% organic cotton. Organic means that the fabric has not be treated with any harmful chemicals.

You’re probably wondering if cotton is really the fabric you should buy? Yes, it is true that insecticides and pesticides are used in the production of cotton childrens sleepwear and clothing. However, most of these toxic chemicals are removed before final production phase, so there is no need to panic and throw away all of your kids pyjamas, body suits, shirts, socks and other clothing items. However, steer away from synthetic childrens sleepwear and clothing since these fabrics have been treated with various harmful chemicals. It has been proven that acrylic, PVC, esters and other chemicals used in clothing industry can significantly affect the health of children. They can cause hormonal imbalance, weaken immune system, contribute to behavioral problems and even cause cancer.

Therefore, when shopping for shorts, skirts, jackets and kids pyjamas online or in a store, make sure you get the clothing marked as organic. If you are tight on budget, look for childrens sleepwear and clothing that had been dyed with non-toxic and has not been treated with other harmful chemicals. You do not have to look for labels that say 100% organic cotton. Kids pyjamas, shirts, pants and other clothing items made out of wool, hemp, cashmere or silk are 100% chemical-free and are completely safe for your child.