4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Living in A Pod Home

In the ever-changing and super technology-oriented world of today, homes that are pre-made in a factory are being built faster and cheaper than ever. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits that pod homes provide and you’ll see for yourself that these eco-friendly and energy-efficient houses are anything but uniform. Time for some real estate magic.


One of the greatest benefits of pod homes is that they tend to be highly energy efficient. Their tight seams and state-of-the-art windows are known to keep heat, which, in turn, will help reduce your energy bills. Plus, the tight construction of modular homes has earned them a reputation for being sturdy enough to withstand natural disasters. Many people confuse them with mobile homes but they’re far from that. Provided that they are manufactured by a reliable company, pre-fabricated homes are high-quality, modern and elegant houses ideal for people who want a lower carbon footprint than the typical Australian suburban home has.


The cost of having a pod home being built for your needs is way lower than what you will need to spend on a full-size suburban home. Part of the savings has to do with labor and the time spent to build the home. It takes fewer employees working over the course of fewer days to make a prefab move-in ready. This, consequently, saves you money. Plus, heating and cooling are way more affordable with prefab homes than with stick-built homes. Just compare the costs of what’s available on the market with the cost of building a pad home. And remember that various levels of customization and fittings can raise or lower the cost of your prefab. Talk to the manufacturer about what your needs are and which is the most cost-effective way to go about them.

Fast Build Time

Fast construction is a great advantage of prefab homes. Since the parts of pod homes are pre-made, all you need to do is assemble them and hook up the home to the needed utilities. This is where the name “modular” comes from. The construction of a prefab home goes much faster because it arrives partially constructed. This means fewer days with workers on site and less vulnerability to weather delays that can extend the construction process by days and weeks. Still, there are a lot more thing to consider than just the construction time. For instance, the preparation of the site, including obtaining permits, can be quite a lengthy process.

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