The Benefits of Incorporating Pallet Jacks in Your Business

Handling large quantities of pallets manually can be extremely taxing, which is why most 3PL businesses incorporate pallet handling equipment. While the forklift is still king, pallet jacks are arguably the most underrated and valuable piece of handling equipment money can buy. They can be used in a wide range of industries, and since their invention back in the days of the Industrial Revolution, they’ve become much more prevalent and popular, as they have helped increase the efficiency in factories, warehouses, and other workplaces.
Pallet Jack for sale

When looking for a pallet jack for sale, you’ll come across two basic types: manually operated and electric powered pallet jacks. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, manual pallet jacks are cheaper, not very sophisticated, and rely on a user for movement. They are commonly used in warehouses where pallets are typically stored at ground level. On the other hand, electric powered pallet jacks are more efficient than their manual counterparts, are more sophisticated, and require experienced operators. They’re typically used in warehouses and facilities where the pallets are raised and stacked in multiple layers, and where the quantity of pallets that have to be moved is much higher.

Large facilities oftentimes employ both electric and manual models. Warehouses, especially the ones that require the right material handling equipment to move goods, must have both types. Pallet jacks are capable of handling a wide range of loads, typically ranging from 200kg to over 2T. Some workplaces, like food service industries and retail stores, employ pallet jacks that feature weighing scales and other accessories. With that said, when looking for a pallet jack for sale, take into consideration your personal needs.

The key benefits of incorporating pallet jacks include a reduced chance of injuries, which is a direct result of not having to move heavy loads manually. Basically, you take the entire weight off of your employees, which also results in increased employee satisfaction. It’s 2019, people know that there are ways around manual labor that can help make their day-to-day work life easier.

Furthermore, you get lower operating costs. Being able to move large amounts of materials quickly improves productivity, efficiency and the timeliness of your operational costs and projects. These pieces of material handling equipment are also very versatile, and you can use them for a wide range of operations. You can find the ideal fit for your facility online, whether you’re dealing with pallets, furniture, boxes or anything else.

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