Beyond Serving: Vamp up your home décor with a tray chic display

A serving tray just like so many other things people have been using for quite some time, has evolved in its design and appearance, and consequently, in its purpose. Just because it’s a kitchen element, doesn’t mean it belongs only in the kitchen. A serving tray is no longer just a tray for serving food, but a fancy decorative element as well as a very practical storage option. Whether it’s a tray made of wood, stainless steel, ceramics or plastics, it can be used for more than just serving meals on a dining table.

Tray ChickOrganize your kitchen

Lets start from the tray’s natural habitat, the kitchen. You want all your little bottles and boxes of spices and little cooking secrets to be at your arm’s reach at all times. You don’t want to look for them through kitchen shelves and armours and get nervous when you need to prepare a meal with love and emotions, right? Here’s a solid reason to buy serving tray if you don’t already have one to repurpose – arranging all little bottles and boxes in the tray perfectly positioned on your countertop is just the right way to organize your small kitchen.

Decorate with it

Decorative Tray ChicIt has become a huge trend lately – trays are being used as decorative elements in every room. They can be used for holding other decorations like candles, candle holders, small statutes and books. Some are even used to hold a bedside table lamp and a clock, especially in bedrooms. Wooden and stainless steel are mainly used for this purpose, according to the room style and design.

It can replace a table

Okay, sort of. It can’t actually be a replacement for the table, but it can serve as a useful surface for holding your beverages, books and other utilities next to you while you’re sitting on the sofa. That’s probably the best use for a tray, and if it’s a stylish one, then you really hit the jack spot. Here’s another great reason to buy serving tray with a fancy design, if you don’t own one already.

Perfect for bathroom organization

If we leave practicality aside, having all shampoos, shower lotions and creams in one place is just looking good. It kind of adds a certain elegance to the space, like you only have extremely expensive shampoos and conditioners and you really don’t need anything else in your bathroom. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? In accordance to the bathroom style and design, choose a tray that’s either made of metal or high quality plastic, since wood and moisture don’t go together so well.

To wrap it all up, concentrate on the serving tray for more than simple meal serving. If you have some old, vintage trays packed in the basement and labeled as “not in use” take them out and refresh them for use. And if you don’t have any, consider them as a nice idea for doing a little design refreshments of your home.

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