Regular Dentist Appointments Will Help You Blind Them with Your Smile

They say that one should not judge a book by its cover nor a person by its appearance, but what they forgot to mention is that one person’s looks can reveal quite a few things about him. This shouldn’t surprise us nor infuriate us. I mean, we all know that we are visual beings, responding positively to everything we find beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is only natural and stronger than our reasoning, whether we like it or not.


Now, I am not trying to convince you that narcissism and appearance obsession is something healthy and something to be romanticized. Not at all. What I am trying to say is that there are certain beauty-related things that everyone should do for themselves, no matter what. That’s right – I am talking about taking proper care of our teeth. I assume you already know that our oral health and hygiene is as equally important part of the first impression we leave on people as the rest of our physical appearance.

Regular dental visits are not something everyone is having nor looking forward to. Fear of pain and recklessness often stand in the way of our much needed trip to the dentist, but shouldn’t we know better than that? Yes. Yes, we should. After all, it’s our health that is at stake.

Let me share with you several reasons why regular dentist appointments are such a big deal. For starters, during these visits, our chosen dental specialist will examine our teeth in order to determine whether we’ve got cavities or other dental problems. Yes, we are smart enough to notice when something doesn’t feel right in our mouth, but we are also smart enough to know that we cannot detect every issue before it has become too serious, right? Right.


After the check-up of our teeth comes the scary, painful part. Did I write ‘painful’? I meant to write ‘fun’. Come on, teeth cleaning and fixing is not as agonizing as we all think it is. It’s something that must be done, especially if we haven’t been to the dentist for a while. Plaque and tartar are our overall oral health’s most common enemy, as they can cause inflammation of the gums and periodontal disease. So, removing them should be a priority.

Nobody dreams of having unhealthy teeth and a repulsive smile, forced to laugh timidly into his/her hands in front of other people. That is exactly why nobody can disagree with dentists when they remind us how greatly relevant going to the dental office is.

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