What to Consider When Buying an Electric Powered Skateboard

With the rapid advancements of technology, we’re seeing a significant rise in electric powered devices. Drones, electric scooters and electric skateboards have become much more affordable which has, in turn, made them more readily available to the general population. Electric skateboards, in particular, are becoming more and more popular, even among experienced skateboarders who have done it the old fashioned way for many years. If you’re someone who has been considering getting an electric powered skateboard and you want to make sure you get the most suitable model that fits your specific riding needs, there are a couple of important factors to consider before buying an electric skateboard online.

The Quality of the Wheels

The wheels are the most important feature to think about, given the fact that they’re what helps your skateboard roll on the ground. There are two basic types of skateboard wheels you can pick from – generic and clone wheels. Generic wheels are the branded ones, whereas clone wheels are made by third-party manufacturers. Generally, most generic wheels will outperform clone wheels, due to the fact that clone wheels are cheaply made and haven’t been cured properly. As a result of their poor quality, your skateboard’s mileage will be reduced, and they can flake, chip and even completely disintegrate.

The Quality of the Battery Cells

The mileage and speed of your electric powered skateboard will depend on the quality of the battery cells. Manufacturers that use high-quality battery cells will make it clear what brand the battery is and all the specs it comes with. The electric skateboard manufacturer will disclose the type and brand of battery cells their boards use. Once you have that information, you should avoid poor-grade battery cells in order to prevent motor deterioration and subpar performance. Buying a poor-grade battery cell just to save a few bucks on upfront costs will end up being more expensive in the long run.

Weight and Portability

In order to get the ideal electric powered skateboard in terms of weight and portability, you’ll need to consider your commute routine. Are you going to be traveling from one place to another with the board alone, or are you going to step off and carry the board with you on public transport? In other words, if you need to carry your skateboard a fair amount, you’ll want a model that’s light and easily portable. Keep in mind that larger boards don’t necessarily weight more. There are big models that are extremely lightweight because of the materials they’re made of. The ideal deck length and board weight for commuting and portability are 27-inch boards that weight about 7-8kg.

Water Resistant Properties

Since it contains electrical parts, the water resistance properties of the board are something you absolutely need to consider. Although you probably won’t be riding your board during rain, or through puddles, there are still many situations where you’ll come across water accidentally. And while water won’t necessarily kill your new electric board, it can still encounter speed or connectivity issues. While you don’t have to buy a water-resistant board, it’s recommended that you at least consider it. Your decision will ultimately come down on risk assessment and personal preferences, which can vary from rider to rider.


You don’t have to be an expert to realize that you’re likely to experience some connectivity issues at some point in time, whether occasional or minor. However, you still want to make sure the connectivity issues of your board are kept to a minimum. Luckily, with the help of the internet, you can read a ton of reviews of the motorized skateboard you’re contemplating, and join forums and communities where you can find users of the product and ask questions about the connectivity of the model you’re thinking of buying. This can help you assess better as to which models offer great connectivity and which ones offer poor connectivity.

Customer Service and Warranty

Since you’re buying a product that contains electric and mechanical parts, you want to make sure it comes with a lengthy warranty that will cover manufacturing faults. After all, you’re spending a good chunk of money on a product that you’ll be using on a daily basis. It’s similar to purchasing any other form of transportation – a company that values its customers will offer exceptional customer service and warranty policies. Read the warranty of the skateboard you’re buying carefully, and make sure it has everything covered. Ask the salesperson of the store you’re buying from any questions you might have, and don’t settle for subpar service.


There’s no such thing as the perfect board. Still, there are ways you can make sure you get a quality board that’s worth every penny you spend on it. Even though most opinions are influenced by personal feelings, getting a few opinions from relevant forums like the Electric Skateboarding Subreddit can give you a realistic picture of the quality of the board you’re looking at, and the brand that’s behind it. Read all about the good and the bad of the skateboard, and then compare with the actual product.

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