Buying the Right Kids Kick Scooter: What You Need to Focus on

It seems like it was only yesterday when my twins (a boy and girl at the age of five) learned to stand on their own feet and took their first steps (a long exhalation of reminiscence), well, time sure flies. Last month, when we were taking a walk in the park, they saw some kids at their age (maybe a year older) riding scooters. I carefully watched my two babies and caught a glimpse of the joy in their eyes, the desire to have one was written all over their faces. Their eyes were eagerly following every move those other kids were making, so felt an urgent need to tell them “Next Saturday each of you will have one of your own”. It was a decision in the spur of the moment but I cannot bare to see them disappointed.

That night, my husband and I, started our search for the best kids kick scooter for their age, and since there were thousand of models, sizes, colours, and brands available on the market, we played it very carefully. First, we found the most reliable stores in our area and after that we began reading testimonials and customer reviews. Finally, we decided to go with the world-known brand Micro which is undoubtedly the most common choice among celebrities.

So, if you too want to surprise your (kid)s with a new kids kick scooter, below I have prepared a list with the most important things you need to focus on before making the final choice.



It should go without saying that the wheels are the first and most important thing to look for in a kid’s scooter. Since we did a lot of research, my husband and I found out that there were different types of wheels, designed for different surfaces. For instance, the larger and narrower the wheels, the better they are for unpaved roads, however, you should also keep in mind that these are not that fast. The little rubber wheels, on the other hand, are ideal for smooth surfaces, meaning that your kid can speed up as much as he/she wants.
Rule of thumb: when it comes to the width of the wheels, the wider they are, the better, since that way your kid will have greater stability and control over the scooter.


Another major factor to look for in a scooter is the material. During out research, we found out that plastic scooters are pretty light and they are designed for smaller kids, usually under the age of two.

In case your kids are older (like mine) or at least 3 years of age, you should stick to the metal construction ones since they are way more durable than plastic ones, and safer as well.

Those made from steel are heavier and a little bit difficult to ride on (at the beginning) while the ones made from aluminium are lighter, easier to ride and fairly durable.



The next important thing to consider is the platform of the scooter; it should be robust and rough in order to prevent slipping. Regarding the age of your kid, make sure you choose a scooter with a broad base as they offer lower manoeuvrability. You should also take into account the length of the platform – the longer it is, the more difficult it would be for your kid to control the scooter. When it comes to the position on the platform, make sure it is not placed too high nor too low, otherwise, your kid will get tired very quickly.


Unfortunately, we as parents can’t prevent our kids from falling down, but we surely can reduce their number by choosing a model with quality brakes. You can choose between front and rear wheel brake; the choice is yours, but one thing is certain, they are a real blessing as they can literally save your kid’s health, or at least ease the falling.


Last but not least, handlebars are as important as the aforementioned things. The most important thing you need to pay attention is their adjustability, meaning that it is recommended to look for one that adjusts to your kids height as kid’s are growing way too fast. You should also look for one that has grips in order to prevent slipping while riding the scooter; the best ones are those made of foam rubber as are comfortable to the hand and don’t cause blisters.

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