Carpet Water Damage – What to Do to Get Your Carpet Back in Shape

From broken pipe to excess rain, flooding can cause great damage to your home and valuable belongings. These things happen when you least expect them, so reaction time is really important. If you want to get your carpet back in shape and minimize the water damage, then you must call professional carpet cleaning experts to quickly remove the water. This process is not as simple as it seems. Water damage restoration requires time, equipment and knowledge in order to complete all steps properly.

Water Damage

It is important to rely on a good carpet cleaning company, if you experience a washing machine overflow, bath overflow, rainwater from balcony, burst pipe or any other similar flooding disaster. Cleaning experts will successfully suck water out of from your carpet using powerful machines and techniques. In few easy steps, they will breathe new into your carpet. But here’s what you can do to prevent water damage yourself and make your carpet shiny again.

  • It’s important to find the source of the leak and stop water flow before it causes even greater damage. Then call your plumber to isolate the source.
  • When your carpet comes in contact with water, the risk of getting contaminated is great. So, you must disinfect the wet area with a cleaning solution made of bleach dissolved in water. Just, remember to ventilate the room afterward.
  • Move all of your furniture. Then, remove the padding material and lift up the carpet so you can dry it out with fans. Or, you can rent a machine to extract the water yourself.
  • But, if you want to save your carpet, then rely on professional carpet cleaning experts. They use powerful vacuum extraction machinery to extract excess water. Then they apply the browning treatment in order to prevent water stains that might permanently damage your carpet.
  • Carpet cleaning experts inspect if there is any damage underneath the carpet. Then, they install the drying equipment and leave it on until area is completely dry. Once the underlay is dry, technicians prepare the carpet for steam cleaning and deodorize it (this is the final step of the water damage restoration process).
  • Professional water damage restoration services is your best solution at ensuring there is no potential microbial growth which can further damage your carpet.

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