Cat Scratching Posts: What are the Different Benefits They Offer

As cat owners already know, cats enjoy scratching. So, in order to protect household items from being used as a place for your pet’s entertainment, you should consider investing in a scratch post for cats. Here are some more reasons why.

There is a popular, general opinion that dogs are territorial animals, and cat not so much. Well, that is not the case. Sadly, many people, in some cases even cat owners, fail to realize that cats are practically the same when it comes to the need to mark their territory. It is true that they do it differently though. Cats use their claws to leave some kind of sign or mark that a particular area is their territory. Also, besides that, scratching offers various health benefits for the cats. So, if your furry friend would have a scratch post for cats available to use at all times, it will also use it as a place that helps in removing the outer dead sheath of its nails. Moreover, regular scratching sessions promote healthy nail growth, and it is useful for sharpening too. So, to put it simply, scratching is one of the ways for cats to keep their claws healthy and strong.

Next, while using a scratch post for cats, your pet will change several positions, and you will notice that while scratching, cats fully stretch their bodies. This is very useful because stretching is actually an excellent exercise for your cat, and it allows them to stretch both their shoulder and back muscles. As you have probably already noticed, cats sleep in a ball-like position, and that makes stretching not only fun but also really necessary. Another thing that all cat owners should be aware of is that cats, too, feel stress and anxiety. More often than not, cats need scratching in order to release their emotions.

When it comes to choosing the right one, you need to think about additional attachments, position and material. There are a lot of different options when it comes to the attachments. You can choose one that has a dangling mouse, a ball or a feather. These are useful to make scratching more fun and versatile. Then comes the question of position. Generally, cats scratch upright, while standing on their rear legs. This type of cats would probably find vertical scratching posts more enjoyable and fitting. And for those cats that enjoy standing more firmly on the ground, horizontal or slightly angled scratch posts may be the best choice. And, lastly comes material. Outdoor cats use trees for scratching, so if a cat has previously spent some time outside you should consider a scratching post made of wood. Another option that is widely popular is a post covered with rough sisal rope. These are quite durable and can last for years, even after extended use.

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