Family-Friendly Camping Gear for Pleasant Outdoor Adventures

camping toilets portable

Spending time in nature with your loved ones can be both fun and healing. Even a short camping trip can soothe your mind, stimulate your brain by creating a sense of novelty and excitement, exercise your body, and help you reconnect with one another. Being surrounded by nothing but greenery and wildlife can remind you just how precious life is and what truly matters. Simply put, spending time outdoors can do wonders for your overall well-being.

When it comes to preparing for a family outdoor adventure, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t necessarily sacrifice comfort to be able to experience the bliss of becoming one with nature. There are pieces of camping equipment that can easily make camping a much more pleasant experience (especially for children) without taking away from its unique beauty. Here are some family-friendly camping gear items you should definitely consider investing in.

camping bedding

Shelter and Bedding

Unless you own a fully furnished RV or intend to buy one (which is a great option), purchasing quality waterproof tents, tent bags (for carrying the tents), tent poles (to set up the tents), tent ground cloths (for placing under the tents so they don’t get wet), tent rain flies (to protect your tents from condensation and rain), tent stakes/pegs (to fix your tents to the ground), stake remove mallet (to fix and remove tent stakes/pegs), guy-line markers (to make guy line and cords visible so you don’t trip), and entrance door carpets (if you want to keep dirt out of your tents).

For a good night’s sleep, you’ll also need air mattresses or sleeping pads, comfy sleeping bags (the most important factor when choosing a sleeping bag is its temperature rating), camping pillows, and extra sheets or blankets in case it gets really chilly after the sun goes down. All of these pieces of camping equipment are essential to having enjoyable camping adventures.

Please remember that testing your gear before hitting the road is smart (yes, even if you’ve used the items many times before). Making sure all of your key pieces of camping equipment are in working order before you get to your campsite will save you both time and money. You can thank me later.

portable camping kitchen

Kitchen and Food

Healthy meals and camping aren’t mutually exclusive. In order to be able to prepare a yummy breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the whole family while spending time outdoors, consider packing lightweight and portable cookware as well as kitchen utensils. A stove (and fuel for the stove), a lighter or matches (to start a fire), a frying pan, cook pots, a paring knife (to peel and chop fruits and veggies), a cutting board, plates/bowls, mugs/cups, a can opener, and of course a high-performance cooler can help you surprise your dearest ones with their favourite meals.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, canned beans and chickpeas, whole grain bread and tortillas, and peanut butter are some of the best camping foods. Don’t forget to bring along reusable water bottles as well. Staying hydrated must be a priority to you.

If your family motor vehicle is spacious enough, you might want to pack a folding table and folding chairs as well. Such a set will give you the chance to enjoy your meals together while admiring your surroundings.

Health and Hygiene

It goes without saying that camping without your prescription medications, first-aid supplies, sunscreen, and insect repellents (consider opting for natural ones) can easily turn into a miserable experience. When it comes to first-aid supplies, you can either bring along a prepackaged first-aid kit or create one yourself. Antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, compound tincture of benzoin, assorted adhesive bandages, adhesive wound-closure strips, gauze pads, non-stick sterile pads, medical adhesive tape, blister treatment, pain-relief medication, anti-itch treatment, antihistamine to treat allergic reactions, safety pins, and splinter tweezers are extremely helpful items that provide basic care.

Aside from first-aid supplies, you’ll also need to make room for menstrual products (ladies, menstrual cups), toothbrushes, toothpaste, a hand sanitizer, quick-dry towels, toilet paper, and, last but definitely not least, a camping toilet.

camping toilet portable

Believe it or not, camping toilets are so much more than a luxury. For a lot of families with small kids, toilet facilities can be a deal-breaker and a reason why they avoid spending time in nature. Luckily, camping toilets can make all the difference. When shopping for camping toilets portable ones are many people’s first choice. These offer the much-needed privacy and are incredibly easy to set up and use, making them suitable for families with young ones who are learning to use the potty, pregnant women, and even senior adults who suffer from certain medical conditions. In other words, anyone who requires quick bathroom access can benefit from portable camping toilets and enjoy the great outdoors.

In addition to being easy to use, a portable camping toilet is versatile as well. They can be transported and placed practically anywhere – all you need is a flat surface. Once your camping trip comes to an end, you’ll just need to remove and store your portable toilet until you need it again.

Cleanliness is another pro of investing in this element for your outdoor adventures. When it comes to choosing easy-to-maintain camping toilets portable ones are once again at the top of the list. Unlike public outdoor toilets, these products can be kept in perfect condition with ease. Achieving the desired level of cleanliness is a breeze with the help of effective and fresh-smelling toilet products.

If you and your closest ones are trying your best to lead eco-conscious lives, you’ll be glad to learn that these camping accessories are “green” too. A portable toilet enables you to dispose of your waste properly. Since human feces often carry harmful microorganisms, they can contaminate the nearby water sources. Additionally, human waste can also harm local wildlife and vegetation, especially if you consume processed foods and prescriptions.

clothing and footwear

Clothing and Footwear

Since camping and hiking can get you all sweaty, adding moisture-wicking underwear and T-shirts as well as quick-drying pants and shorts to your camping checklist is a smart choice. Plus, knowing that you have such clothes in your bags will encourage you to explore and play around springs, rivers, and waterfalls. Please be careful if you decide to do so.

Long-sleeve shirts and lightweight jackets provide protection against bugs and the sun. Hiking boots and synthetic socks are useful additions to your clothes for camping as well. In case the weather forecast shows it’ll rain and/or be really cold during your outdoor adventure, pack rainwear, long underwear, warm insulated jackets or vests, fleece pants, gloves, and warm hats. Better safe than sorry, right?


Campsite Extras

Kids love learning and having fun. Camping allows you to combine these two by using binoculars, navigation tools, field guides (to detect and observe the local flora and fauna with ease), star charts (stargazing is a wonderful activity before going to bed), books, notebooks, and pencils. Music players with headphones, games, and toys are welcome as well, especially if the weather ruins your plans for hiking and exploring.

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