What to Do When You Can’t Afford a Full Bathroom Makeover? Change the Tapware!

Have you even considered how one of the busiest rooms in a home is often the most neglected one stylistically? Yes, I’m talking about the bathroom and though you may have treated it with some makeover it’s still overlooked as opposed to the rest of the home. If this sounds like you and your home then great news is you can pull off a luxurious bathroom look without even breaking your bank, all with the help of tapware like the eye-catching bath taps Australia based specialised stores have to offer. Not only is there an extensive range of brands and models, tapware is also available in a variety of finishes and prices so you’re sure to find whatever suits your bathroom and your own style best.

This is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to add interest to your bathroom without having to tear everything down or go for a large-scale makeover changing the bathware to the extent of replacing each and every piece with something new. Based on what your preferences are and the décor style of your bathroom, you’d have the chance to choose from contemporary yet classical brushed tapware, brass for a more natural and rustic feel or modern matte black that’s even outshining chrome lately.

Don’t forget to consider what the cons of each are before purchasing because once you have them installed it’s a little late for regrets and second thoughts. If you choose the matte black be aware that you’d have to do more cleaning because of the noticeable soap marks, whereas the con with brass is it loses its lustre with time and the brushed isn’t really one that stands out; so what is it gonna be? Apart from the aesthetic value, this transformation is bound to increase your home’s value altogether which is something handy if you’re ever planning on selling. Mind you, it’s the kind of value that has to do with cost-efficiency too.

This is a given as the bath taps Australia suppliers have in store are also meant to help you out with being responsible with the water usage thanks to the impeccable design that functions seamlessly and won’t end up in leakages, the culprit for the higher monthly water bills; If you want to have a sustainable lifestyle and home, this is it. Considering bathrooms have long passed the utility phase and are now used as pampering rooms or sanctuaries, your bathroom deserves this update.

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