Important Things to Know About Your Toyota Hilux’ Air Filter


Keeping your Toyota HiLux clean on the outside can make it eye candy, keeping the cabin clean can make it a nicer, more comfortable place to be, but keeping the air filter clean can actually improve its performance and save you money down the road. Your Toyota HiLux air filter prevents dirt, dust and debris from being sucked into the engine through the air intake, which is why you should make sure it is always in prime condition. If you’re wondering how to clean an air filter, and how often to change air filter Hilux models, then you’re in the right place.

How to Clean Air Filter?

Cleaning your Toyota HiLux air filter is easy if you know where and how all the parts under the bonnet are positioned. You can clean it using a few different methods. But first, let’s talk about how to locate the air filter. It is fitted on top of your engine, so it’s quite easy to reach. If you can’t locate it, look at your HiLux’ manual, where you can find where all the different engine components are located. If you don’t have a manual, go on YouTube and you’re more than likely to find a video that explains this in detail. Your last resort should be asking a mechanic next time you service your HiLux.

Once you’ve found the air filter, you need to know how to remove it. Most of the time, it is located in a metal or plastic housing, which you’ll need to open. In newer HiLux models, they’re easy to remove and are usually just clipped down. If your HiLux is older, however, you might have to unbolt or unscrew a part of the housing. After you’ve opened the housing, you can just pull out the filter. And now comes the actual cleaning part, which you can do with a vacuum cleaner. Simply connect a hose attachment to your household vacuum, and you’ll have the ideal tool for cleaning a car air filter. Vacuum both sides of it for a couple of minutes and make sure you get all the visible debris and dirt. This is best done under a bright light to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Alternatively, you can clean the filter with some water. This is the preferred method for cleaning these pieces if they’re extremely dirty. Cleaning them this way takes longer since you’ll also have to let it dry before putting it back on the engine, but you’ll get better results. Start off by getting a bucket of clean water and a little bit of laundry detergent. Completely submerge the filter in the water and swirl it around. Use your hands to aggravate dust and dirt out of the filter, then remove it from the water and shake off excess water before you rinse it under clean running water. After, place it somewhere clean, like on a towel, and just let it dry. Keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for the filter to dry completely, so plan ahead and make sure you don’t have to use your HiLux during that time.

How Often to Change Air Filter Toyota HiLux?

Not all air filters are washable. The ones that aren’t washable have a finite lifespan, and you should change it as soon as you notice signs of wear. Typically, you’ll want to clean yours every 25 000kms or so. Your HiLux’ owner manual should have a recommended service schedule for the air filter. If it does – stick to it. If it doesn’t, do it twice a year. However, if it isn’t washable, then you should look to replace it as soon as you notice a reduced fuel economy, reduced power, unusual engine sounds, misfiring engine, black exhaust smoke, strong smell of fuel, and an engine light indicator. If you notice any of these signs and can’t figure out what’s wrong, make sure you check the air filter and see if it needs washing or replacing.


What Is the Best Air Filter for Your Car?

Ideally, you want a high-flow, washable Toyota Land Cruiser air filter that’s manufactured to fit your specific HiLux engine. A proper fit means there’s no chance of dirt, debris or anything else reaching the engine. You can find a wide range of such pieces online, or at your local part dealership. Preferably, the dealership you shop from is a Toyota one. However, given the popularity of the Toyota HiLux in Australia, you’re very likely to come across at least a few Toyota HiLux air filters that are suitable for the model, make and year you’re driving. And given the fact that air filters are quite affordable, there’s no reason why you should stick with a dirty and worn-down one.

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