Matching Eyeliner To Eye Shape: What Permanent Eyeliner Style You Should Get

There are no strict rules when it comes to applying certain eyeliner styles. What looks good on some women, does not necessary look good on others. It all depends on the color and shape of the eyes. How many times have you tried to copy your friend’s black rimmed eyes but failed to achieve the same look. Is it because you are not as talented as she is, or simply because your eye shape is different than hers?

What you need is to find the style that suits your eyes the most.

The eyeliner style needs to emphasize your eyes and bring the best out of them. If you are not so good at applying eyeliner yourself, then opt for a permanent eyeliner. But, first choose the type of eyeliner you should be doing to flatter your eyes and emphasize your beautiful eye shape. Consider some of the following permanent eyeliner styles.


Winded Eyeliner – Women who want to lengthen their big round eyes should try the winded eyeliner style. The long line that you draw out to the sides makes eyes look smaller and slightly longer than they really are. That winded line stretches your big round eyes and elongates the sideways. It takes a lot of practice to start doing this style yourself. If however you are not good at applying this eyeliner style, then consider getting a permanent eyeliner.

Top Only – Women with smaller eyes should apply liner on their top lash line only to create the effect of bigger, wider eyes. And since the attention is going to be on the top lashes, you might as well curl them to give that dramatic opening effect. Keep the liner not on the inner rim but on the lash line, to open your eyes and make them look bigger.

Double Wing – This eyeliner style is perfect for women with close-set eyes. Consider permanent eyeliner makeup as the focus is going to be concentrated on the outer edges of your eyes, making your eyes look wide apart.

Inner Rim – Getting a permanent eyeliner is a hit these days. For best results, you must first determine what eyeliner style matches your eye shape best. For example, if you naturally have almond-shaped eyes, the inner rim eyeliner style would look good on your eyes. This style will not only make your eyes look smaller, but will also highlight the nice curve your big eyes have.

Thick Wing – Women with hooded lids will find this eyeliner style quite sexy and seductive. The thick line will open the eyes and make them appear wider than they really are. If you have hooded lids, consider getting this permanent eyeliner style.

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