Picking Cables From Igus: Australia Number One Cable Supplier

Whether you are looking for a good power, data or control cable, you need to gain the right knowledge as to pick the one that will suit your needs best. However, in a market that is filled with good and bad cables, the process of picking a cable should start from the basics. There are two types of cables that are manufactured: flat and round. They can come with a multi-conductor or a twisted configurations and with or without a shield.

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There is a wide selection of shields for both types. Flat cables have a special designed conductor which gives them ability to be used in mass terminations. On the other hand, round cables are more suitable for stations where you need more flexibility and density.

Other factors that will affect your decisions is the thickness, durability, longevity and thickness of the cable. However, in order to save you some time, here is my personal recommendation: the brand Igus.

Even though there is a lot of competition, one of the most reliable and quality manufacturer is Igus Australia number one cable supplier. One of the most notable cables they offer is the Chainflex CF30. You can find the Chainflex CF30 in every retailer that sells Igus Australia wide. This cable generally is used when there is the need for high mechanical load requirements.

Another use is in indoor applications, outdoor is only applicable when the temperature is more than +5 C. In case you want to put them underground, they can go under 100 metres. In factories, they are used as storage and retrieval units for machine tools, fast handling and indoor cranes. The permissive temperature moving is from minus 5 degrees up to 70 degrees with a minimum bending status of 7 and a half of the cable diameter.

The conductor inside is done with fine manufactured bare copper wires that have the EN 60228 rating. The inside insulation there is high-quality TPE blend that is mechanically attached on the twister. However, the twisting conductors are built with a short pitch and have a high-durable centre core. This cable has medium UV resistance and it is made from silicon-free materials that are in compliance with the PV 3.10.7.

In the end, choosing Igus is the best decision for your home or your business. Even though there are cheaper cables on the market, Igus offers quality, quantity and good price. Remember, to choose safety and functionality before anything else, because to keep your machinery and devices safe from electrical malfunctioning should be your prime goal.

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