Wide Brim Hats Inspiration Ideas To Earn Some Serious Style Points

Like it or not ladies, earning the serious style points in every season asks for some real attention and devotion. You can’t just put whatever you first lay your hands on and expect for people to look at your outfit and admire your sense of fashion. Fashion is a battlefield and every one of us tries really hard to be unique in every occasion using and combining all kinds of accessories, clothing pieces and shoes to make it into that ‘special’ group of women who we refer to as the style-setters.

women hats for summer

In the spotlight in this post: wide brim hats. These hats have their place in every season but they get the most attention in their summer version. Nothing says ‘summer is here’ like shorts, shirts and wide brim hats women wear in a combination and head to the beach. However, it’s not that simple; you need to consider colours, styles and of course, carefully choose your uniqueness factor, the hat.

The maxi dress, sandals and the cream and black hat

This combo is just all day-classy! For the ladies who don’t wait for night to fall so they can show off all their elegance, a maxi dress is a must. And it’s a summery choice number one so combining it with a cute cream and black wide brim hat will show you in a real summer elegant vision. Just go for it.

The metalic dress and a wide brim boater

This is the type of combinations that are the perfect blend of elegance, casualty and practicality. The metalic coloured dress is something you can wear with both high heels and flats, and the type of wide brim hats women choose for combining with this dress are the boaters. Perfect when you have a really bad hair day but you really want to pull off a stylish vision.

The all timer: denim shorts, a white shirt, flats and the wide brim hat

There’s no better choice of elements to go with the wide brim hat than the denim shorts and the white tee. The combo without the hat is just plain simple, and the hat gives it all the perfect charm, making you impossible not to spot. Plus, this is a combo you’d most likely choose to run errands around town on a hot summer day, so you won’t feel the pressure of a messy hair and sweaty hairstyle.

High heels and wide brim hats? But of course.

The wide brim hat isn’t just a hat you’d put on when you’re wearing flats and you’re about to run around town and finish some tasks. No, it is an accessory, which means it can complement some elegant visions as well – ones that include high heels. The choice of the hat is crucial here; a really elegant hat will complement a really elegant dress; something more casual can be used when you want to complement a more casual outfit for a lunch or a midday coffee with a friend. Just consider the occasion and the clothes and you’ll have no problem combining these two. One thing though: do not, ever, combine a straw wide brim hat with high heels. It’s just wrong.

All in all, you really have the freedom to be creative when you combine your hat with your clothes. Just make sure you don’t end up looking like a walking colour-mess and you’ll definitely have some heads turning behind you.

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