Travelling Like a Geologist: What to Bring to the Field

Though it might not appear to be so, we always have the chance to learn more about the planet we live on, and delve deep into its structure thanks through geology. The best thing about it? You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the perks of it – the fact more and more people take up geology as a recreational activity goes to show it can be a great hobby too.

office stationery

Of course, along with getting to know a thing or two more about it, it’s important to get all the necessary bits and pieces of equipment. First things first, pile up on all-things stationery. looking up stationery products online, you’d come across those that were created for all weather conditions, in the likes of pens, markers, and paper.

Any geologist or recreational geologist wanting to excel in the hobby takes notes, no matter whether it’s about the location, or the samples, and that’s what makes stationery products online and local stores provide the basic necessity. Bringing a calculator with you may also turn out to be beneficial, then again, who needs one when bringing some electronics along the way.

Electronics are equipped with a GPS which would further make it easier to get to the location. Just in case, it’s advisable to pile up on adequate maps, and if possible, a mirror sighting compass. This compass specifically is created for the terrains of geologists as it can provide a variety of measurements, through different obstacles, and slopes.

Now, any outdoor enthusiast knows you can’t go out without carrying a reliable light source with you. LED torches are the perfect option thanks to their weatherproof, durable, and mighty beam properties, providing the needed amount of light to find those difficult-to-spot specimens.

When it comes to the specimens, you can’t collect without carrying the adequate hammer, brushes, and chisels for the job. Having in mind there are different types, you can choose the best ones depending on the specimens you are collecting; what’s suitable for picking fossils, isn’t for minerals.

Don’t forget to bring along the weatherproof zip bags to store them and carry them easily, without damaging them. As for clothing, remembering it is the outdoors after all, it’s important to always wear a hat, sunscreen, a raincoat, sturdy boots for the rough terrains, and a repellent by all means. Throw in some extra bottle of water in the backpack, more snacks, and you’re good to go.

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