What to Do to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal? Opt for a Stacked Stone Siding Project

Though we see countless of trends coming and going, the one that’s related to nature is sure to stay. It’s not surprising most of us have gone crazy about the “going green” trend. It’s a fact people have been interested in using nature, and natural looks, to breathe some life into their homes, whether that includes filling up spaces with plants, or going for sustainable, and recyclable flooring, and furniture pieces, like teak table sets.

Along with bringing about vividness, it’s not an exaggeration to say injecting a home with the natural feel guarantees warmth as well. In relation to this, when you want to make for a grand impression, and go further with the welcoming of nature, you can count on walls, more specifically stacked stone siding, to do the job.


Resorting to the option of stone walls is sure to enhance a home’s curb appeal, improving not only the look, but also the value. Apply stacked stone siding indoors, or outdoors, and you get a unique home, differing from the typical Australian homes around. It’s needless to say stone is timeless, so you’d get something that’s on trend time and time again.

Besides, this sort of home décor project is easy to do, even for the DIY enthusiasts with little technical knowledge. What this means is with little effort, you can take care of this project by yourself, and get to save on installer fees, priding yourself on the newly acquired skills. Since stacked stones come in panel or tile form, you may not even have to dry stack (grouting); they are laid, interlocked, seamlessly fitting and supporting each other – it’s that easy to install them!

Easy repair is also part of the appeal, so you wouldn’t have to worry the stacked stone wall repairs would take up much of your time or money. It’s much more affordable than building up stone walls, as you don’t have to do so from scratch, when you can use a base wall instead. Durable, proving to be the right investment to make in the long run, stacked stone is also beautiful, the ideal aesthetic solution that complements all home styles.

Remembering it’s natural, you can count on a unique look (since you have the choice to choose between versatile modern, and rugged stone styles), that doesn’t require colouring, painting, or much of maintenance for that matter. When you install the stacked stone without the use of mortar, you ensure the unobstructed flow of melting ice in winter, so there’s be no moisture in the spaces between the stones.

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