What are the Advantages of Wooden Toys Over Plastic Ones

Wood is one of the first materials used for making toys and today more and more manufacturers are returning to its use. Simultaneously, more and more parents are ditching plastic toys and turning to wooden ones for several important reasons.

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They’re More Durable

When compared to plastic toys, wooden toys for kids have proven to be more durable. Since kids are usually not gentle with toys, investing in something durable is crucial. And because wood is considered one of the sturdiest toy materials, you can have a peace of mind that the toys of your kid can withstand that daily ‘torture’. Unlike plastic toys that break over time, wooden toys can handle the natural wear and tear much longer and can last a lifetime.

They’re Safer

Without a doubt, toys are an important part of any child’s development, and since they are а part of their life on a daily basis, choosing quality and safe wooden toys online or physical stores offer is paramount. Unlike plastic toys which are mainly made of PVC (that can leach toxins when wet or chewed by children), wooden toys are natural. Wooden toys don’t pose the same danger as they don’t contain any chemicals or toxins in their making process. Even if you choose painted ones, you buy them from a trusted manufacturer that doesn’t use harmful dyes for the health. So, do your own research and choose toys made of wood that contain only child-friendly paints and lacquers.

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They Encourage Imaginative Play

Child development is extremely important since young age, and toys made of wood can certainly contribute to this by improving your kid’s imaginative play. Unlike plastic toys which mainly work on batteries and make a lot of noise, wooden toys don’t have electronic parts. They do not include voice commands that can talk instead of your kid. Instead, they allow and encourage your kid to use their reasoning skills and role-play. This can improve his/her thinking processes, emotional and social skills.

They’re Eco-Friendly

When compared to plastic, toys made of wood are certainly more friendly for the environment. Since wood is a natural material, this makes it biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, when choosing wooden toys with child and eco-friendly paint, you will certainly play your part in saving the planet. So, instead of filling the landfill with plastic toys that are not recyclable and leach harmful toxins and chemicals, invest in something that will give back to the environment.

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They Can be Passed Down through Generations

Wood is a sustainable material that can last a lifetime, and so are wooden toys. Unlike cheap plastic ones, wooden toys can last for a very long time. This means that even the kids of your kids can play with them. From train sets, blocks and puzzles, to dolls, dollhouses, animals and baby toys, there’s no scarcity choice-wise.

Are Wooden Baby Toys Safe?

Whether you choose a wooden teether, rattle toy, dummy clip or a pram chain for your baby, you can be sure that they are a safer option than plastic toys. Plastic toys are usually made of PVC which contains BPA and phthalates which are added to soften PVC. These chemicals are toxic and have been linked to many health conditions including hormonal disbalance. All these chemicals and many others are surely not a part of the making process of wooden toys.

Are Wooden Toys Hygienic?

Wooden toys don’t require using a special cleaning product. A simple wiping with a slightly damp cloth is enough for keeping them clean. If you take your time to specifically find high-quality wooden toys online or from a brink and mortar store, you can additionally check if it’s specified that they come with natural anti-bacterial properties.

Wooden toys don’t need to be cleaned under hot or cold running water as this will cause the wood to swell. Since wood has anti-bacterial properties, viruses and bacteria die faster on a wooden surface which is not the case with plastic toys.

Viruses and bacteria can live up to 24 hours without a host cell, which can facilitate the transmission of diseases. Additionally, the porous wooden surface deprives bacteria of moisture which is needed for its survival. This is another reason why choosing wooden toys instead of plastic is better.

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