What Can You Do to Make Your Dining Room More Welcoming

Minimalist and homey — these two terms don’t seem to be made for each other at a first glance, but with the magic of Scandinavian design, they can be used to describe the perfect dining room. One of the ways to define a Scandinavian dining room is a simple, big, bright open space used for hosting and feasting. It is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary interior design that gives a homey and relaxing feeling. The main feature of this design is the simplicity which puts emphasis on good food and good company. There’s no doubt that there’s an inherent charm and appeal attached to this white-walled-loving style that is mirrored in clean lines and low maintenance pieces with simple silhouettes.

Scandinavian glass dining table

The center and most important piece of furniture in a dining room is, as you may well know, the dining table. Since this type of design is most commonly associated with clean lines and wooden surfaces, you might be expecting such type of suggestion, but this style can go beyond that and offer an option that will be able to render the area even more roomy and airy – a glass dining table. An additional reason why you should have in mind a Scandinavian glass dining table for your dining room is the possibility to make your table base and even the rug area more visible and noticeable. Besides that, they are easy to maintain and clean, meaning you can get rid of wine and food stains by simply wiping it and leaving it spotless.

When it comes to what makes a glass dining table represent the Scandinavian style, we mustn’t forget to mention its sturdiness. The materials used for this piece of art (yes, a table can really be that) are oak for the base and durable glass for the top. Oak gives off a classic and traditional vibe, but when combined with glass, it can amount to a more modern appearance. In addition, this type of wood is a looker and won’t fade or rust over time. In fact, oak actually looks better as it continues to age! It’s a great material if you want something that stands without being too much.

So, besides a stunning, high-quality Scandinavian glass dining table, what else makes a dining room complete, comfy and welcoming? When deciding on additional furniture, make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep it simple, but stylish. There is really no need for a crowded dining space, so opt for an interesting sideboard or a cupboard and avoid high back chairs. (they take space and make the room visually smaller). Another thing you can do to create a kind-of-homey but still modern look is by choosing the perfect lighting. Use different forms, like pendant lighting over the table itself for creating a focal point and maybe alternative light sources for mood lighting.

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