What the Choice of Oven Means for the Pizza Business

We can swear on being addicted to health trends and sticking to them, but secretly we know we love pizza. Don’t worry, it’s okay to say it’s your number one food. Yes, we can’t deny the shift in food trends, or recipes for that matter, thanks to the rise of health trends, but this is the food that remains firm; you may change the topping, yet pizza is pizza.

electric pizza ovens

Being among the most competitive in the world, the Australian pizza industry sure is promising, however you have to be creative if you want to make it through all the competition around, and the oven has a say in this.

What I mean by this is the oven you choose can make or break your business success, so it’s important to give it some thought before you purchase, and it comes down to opting for an electric or gas oven.

The Modern Option

The first choice, electric pizza ovens Australia suppliers and pizzaioli alike have a soft spot for has to do with bringing innovation and efficiency to your pizzeria. Sure, they might be an initial cost, but it’s one that pays off, especially if you’re counting on high production.

Considering it’s a modern design, it’s not only easy to use, it looks great too, so you get practicality and aesthetics. Modern refers to numerous features as well, such as programmable motorised draft, a variety of programmes, parameters like the handy ECO, and E-touch control panel, to name some.

Other than this, electric pizza ovens Australia shops provide are designed for uniform heat distribution, consistency and ease of making, so the pizzas you get are of quality, and you get the same taste and look, i.e. consistency.

Moreover, they are suitable for different types of pizza, including thinner crusts, while at the same time there’s no need for training to be able to use the ovens properly. You’d save on time and money!

The Cheaper Option

Yes, gas ovens are cheaper to buy but don’t let that fool you. Unlike electric, they are smaller, so they aren’t ideal for high production, or bigger pizza for that matter. Add to this the difficulty to use them, the requirement for proper training, and the longer it takes to bake the pizza, and what you get is hungry customers if your pizzeria is big.

What they are good for, however, is the art of signature crusts and different flavours instead of getting uniform pizza with the same taste. If you have a smaller pizzeria or restaurant and want to make your signature crust then they make an option.

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