What Compression Wear Will Do For You

Have you ever asked yourself why compression wear has gained such huge popularity in the past few years? Nowadays, it’s a rare occurrence to watch any sport-related event without noticing people wrapped up in skin-tight shorts, socks, shirts, knee and arm bands. Yes, all those tight pieces of clothing fall under the category of compression garments.


Regardless whether you’re into active sports like basketball or football, running in the park, or going to the gym, it is no wonder if you find yourself surrounded by people wearing compression wear. It is a form-fitting clothing often made from polyester and elastane – materials which have the ability to draw moisture to the body, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler during summer. Add to this the fact that it can be made of an anti-bacterial material (so despite sweating, it prevents unwanted odors), and you have the perfect clothing pieces for your daily activity sessions. Here are just some of the benefits of wearing compression wear:

  • Reduces muscle soreness and inflammation, especially after lengthy runs or intense workout sessions;
  • Speeds up the process of muscle repair and reduces muscle fatigue;
  • Provides muscle flexion and extension, which lowers the possibility of hamstring injuries;
  • It is comfortable, provides extra body heat during winter when worn under regular clothing. Plus, it quickly dries out extensive sweat during hot days, keeping your body cool;
  • Increases blood flow;
  • Eliminates any numbness due to poor blood circulation.
  • Supports ankles, feet, elbows and other injury prone parts of the body;
  • Prevents swelling in legs and arms;
  • Prevents development of spider and varicose veins;
  • Compression socks and compression calf braces in particular, work wonder for people with shin splits or calf muscle issues;
  • Prevents build up of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes.

If you put aside its usefulness in sports, compression wear is also recommended for pregnant women as it reduces swelling, aches, leg cramps, and makes you feel capable of doing more during busy days. Moreover, countless researches have shown that wearing compression clothing significantly increases endurance, strength and power while working out. There have been no negative results of using compression wear so far, therefore, if you are by any chance hesitant about purchasing compression gear, you no longer need to be. Invest in a quality gear and make the most out of your workout sessions!

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