What do You do to Get a Laid-Back Kitchen? Turn to Industrial Style

It’s incredible to think this world of ours is a myriad of different people, and that’s exactly what makes it so fascinating. These differences are perfectly reflected in our choices when it comes to the homes we choose, and more specifically, interior styles which is what my interest is. The interior is nothing if not an expression of your personality. Lucky as we are to be part of such a developed era, with so many options around us, it’s not that difficult to come up with the interior of your dreams.


If you’ve been after something that doesn’t require that much thought or trouble into details, the something that doesn’t urge for hassle, you can turn to the incredible industrial style. What’s interesting about this style is when it first appeared, in the days of the Industrial Revolution, it wasn’t even a style. It started to gain in popularity in the 2000s, after we realised its rawness and utility also have aesthetics in them without giving you the bother of trying too hard to achieve them, seeking for inspiration in Industrial Revolution warehouses and factories.

If you’re not sure on it yet, you don’t have to go overboard and use the style for your whole interior décor; you can incorporate it in one area of your home and see how it goes. I’d give the kitchen precedence over the living room, as it’s easier to begin with considering you can use the help of few items to breathe in some life with the new style, such as tractor seat bar stools, and a refurbished island to go with them.


The solid rustic metal construction of the stools, adjustable in height, and providing foot rest, paired with the everlasting beauty of reclaimed vintage wood island, are sure to add flair to your kitchen’s décor, and can help you make a statement as they’d easily become the focal points of the room. This room is all about utility, and that’s what metal and wood evoke – laborious, industrial surroundings.

To further let the industrial style breeze in, and make the tractor seat bar stools, and refurbished island, pop out all the more, you can use the help and charms of exposed brick walls. You don’t even have to go for the real thing if you find it too much, but simply adding a brick wallpaper or mural – no one would tell the difference!

When in doubt about colours, always go for neutrals; the more natural the colour palettes, the better. As a final touch, add the magic of industrial lighting fixtures (for instance, pendants) into the equation, and voilà – you got yourself a stylish and inviting industrial kitchen.

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