What Does Hot Water Heat Pump Have to Do with Functional Spa Pool?

Having in mind water is life, people have long known the benefits it brings about. Apart from providing us with the necessary hydration our bodies require, water also has healing properties so it’s no surprise people have used spas to relax and treat certain health issues for centuries.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, one no longer has to pay frequent visits to the nearest spa to reap the benefits of hot water when investing in a spa pool for home use. Any day can be your spa day when you turn your own home into a spa sanctuary. What’s important to know is what makes the spa pool functional: the heat pump hot water provider – the heart of the pool system.

Considered one of the basic components, the heat pump passes the pool water first through a filter, then a heater, and then sends it all the way back through the jets, so it makes for all the water circulation to warm it up. Without the functional heat pump hot water wouldn’t be present in your spa pool, making it just a regular cool water pool.

Heat Pump

This is why it takes doing your homework to find out the right heat pump your pool could do with, bearing in mind to pay attention to the litres. There are those types of heat pumps heating up to 20.000 litres, suitable for a variety of swim spas and pools, so they make a good investment.

Another aspect to have in mind is whether the pump you’re after has a timer, and can be used with your existing pool filtration system, needs separate heating provisions with a circulation pump, or provides both.

When you have a heat pump that works with the pool filtration system as is, not having the chance to use up a circulation pump, the heat pump depends on the pool pump to be able to operate thus it can’t work on its own, meaning when the pool pump isn’t running, the heat pump can’t maintain the set temperature, so you’d be out of warm water.

To be able to fix this, you can count on the help of a heat pump controller wired to the pool system. Since as you can see the heat pump has a central role, it’s important to do a bit of maintenance regularly along with changing the pool water, like filter cleaning.

It’s important to pay attention to the water temperature, and in case you notice changes in warmth that you didn’t regulate, do some inspection to see if the pump is connected properly and has enough electric circuit. If that’s not the issue, then it might be time to look into the motor, and replace it – all with the help of professionals, of course.

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