What Does Merlot Wine Taste Like

When I think of red wine, the picture that simultaneously comes to my mind is a large dining table filled with delicious, grilled meat accompanied with all sorts of hot sauces, grilled garlic bread and cold salads to calm down the fire that all that meat creates in the mouth. And on top of all that burning sense on my tongue, a glass of red wine, heavy but zesty, good enough to wash my mouth but still keep the taste of grill and spices. And eventually, red wine does its magic; it starts with smiling, then laughing, then eating uncontrollably and the next morning my regret of eating all that food. But it was good, and that what matters.

This probably wouldn’t have sounded as good if it weren’t for the red wine element. Without it, it would be just an ordinary meal. But the red wine gives it a dose of elegance and meaning, enabling you to enjoy your special meal with all your senses. How does red wine do that? Let’s pick a red, lets say Merlot, and examine the Merlot wine taste so we can get an answer.

Merlot Wine Taste

The Merlot is a full-bodied, dry, red wine made from black and blue grapes; it has a very similar profile to Cabernet Sauvignon, probably because they belong to the same family of grapes. The main difference is in the taste – the Merlot wine taste is less astringent as a result of the softer tannins. It also has a fruitier, less complex body. As a result of the climate region where it is grown, you can feel the red, black and blue grapes. The backing tones you can sense are coco, vanilla and various earth ones.

To get a better picture, it would be easier to explain what Merlot wine taste is not like. Merlot does not taste like the soft Pinot Noir, nor it is as big as Cabernet Sauvignon. It has flavours that are not as defined as the ones of Shiraz. On the contrary, it is light, easy drinkable and very fruit-driven. It can be big, with bolder tannins and darker colour, depending on the region.

Merlot wine taste is different to everyone. Some find it easier to feel the earthy tones, while some feel the floral notes. Whichever the case, Merlot is a red wine that goes perfectly well with heavy foods such as roasted duck or honey barbecued chicken, pasta with some chilly sauces and grilled vegetables. Simply said, Merlot wine tastes like a sweet sin, it makes every meal so delicious, you cannot stop eating until you start regretting.

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