What is the Purpose of Bull Bars?

Bull Bar

One way to instantly toughen up your truck in both durability and looks is by bolting on a bull bar. These protectors provide a shield as well as strengthen your front end of the vehicle in the event of an impact or road borne hazards. Moreover, bull bars can give you a commanding presence on and off the road.

Whether you’re a contractor or a daily commuter or an off-road fanatic, your truck takes a lot of abuse. Tree branches, stray shopping carts, kicked-up rocks all threaten your pristine bumper, grille and headlights. And before you know it, your new truck will look haggard and beat-up. A quality bull bar will act as a helmet on a cricket batsman for your vehicle’s front end. You surely wouldn’t want something that doesn’t mean business.

Made of either aluminum or heavy-duty steel (for optimal strenght and impact resistance), a bull bar is designed to absorb impacts from debris and rocks. It can be used to gently push other vehicles at low speeds, which is why they’re placed in front of the grille. Most bars include a side section which wraps around headlights, preventing cracked lenses and blocking flying objects.

Moreover, bull bars can add a whole new aggressive attitude to your vehicle and a truly commanding presence on the road. However, if you want a more subtle look, there are many models which provide exactly that. Most front-end protectors are available in black powder coat and polished stainless steel finishes, which allows you to achieve the look you want as well as match your other accessories like side rails which attach to bull bars and side steps.

Bull bars don’t just outfit your truck with strength and style. They also provide a great place for you to mount extra accessories. You can easily bolt extra off-road lights, as they feature tabs for easy mounting. You can also purchase custom-made bars for your exact make and model for a perfect fit. They’re even designed to mount to existing holes in your truck’s frame, so you can bolt yours directly to your vehicle without additional welding, drilling and cutting.

They’re extremely popular accessories that can protect the front of your truck from minor damage, scratched and impact of wild animals like a kangaroo. They’re attached using preset factory holes in the bumper. There are several types to choose from, all different in materials, shape and functionality and can serve as a mounting platform for extra accessories like winches and lights.

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