What It Takes to Come Back: I Felt God’s Grace, Now I’m a Modern Believer

In times where agnosticism takes over and it makes the world a less magical place, it sure feels nice to re-experience some of the whimsical grace only true faith can bring. I used to dwell in a very bitter place a few years ago and my mindset was essentially focused on all things scientific and tangible. Somehow along the way, I did feel the prevailing notion of emptiness that was beginning to take over and it was even becoming physically visible.


Luckily, melancholy, masochism and self-destructiveness have never been my cup of tea, so I hurried to find a way to cure that inexplicable cosmic sadness. I realized that I had spent so much time watching scientific series and documentaries that I forgot how to cultivate even the tiniest bit of faith in something inexplicable and beyond physical. This was the exact moment when I asked the universe for a turning point, a sign of a sort, something fresh from the oven, yet filled with old glory, something to convince me that there is someone watching over me.

And so did a sign appear. Me and my best friend decided to spend 2 days in a motel in the Blue Mountains, since I was feeling quite blue (oh the irony) and that’s where I found a forgotten copy of a Bible. But this was nothing like the Bible I had at home many years ago, and when I opened it, I was instantly drawn to its words and decided to give this intuitive guidance a go. The message I received is that we live in a new age where agnosticism and atheism are getting old, as much as fanaticism regarding religion. In the light of this fact, I decided to read the book thoroughly before informing the receptionist about it and to order one identical New World Translation Bible covers included so that I can make it a tradition to take it with me on such adventures.

Now I finally consider myself a well balanced person. I do still take all things with a grain of salt and I am still an avid follower of all that’s new and intriguing in the world of science, however, I do like to take my New World Translation Bible covers and all included when going hiking, camping on when on a summer vacation. I love the fact that I can be new agey and traditional all at once. The modern versions of the bible are written in a far simper language and are adapted better to the problems of the modern men and women.

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