What to Consider and Ask Before Buying Window Deflectors

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One of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve your driving experience both on and off the road is by installing a set of window deflectors, also known as raid guards, weather shields and window visors. Window deflectors are a useful upgrade that can help you get the best driving experience in summer and winter conditions alike. They let you crack the window open so that you can enjoy the cooling breeze, and they allow you to keep the windows open while it’s raining outside, which also reduces the amount of fog you’ll get on your windows during cold weather.

Even though side window deflectors are an affordable accessory, buying the right model is essential for reaping all of the benefits they provide. But with so many window deflectors available nowadays, how do you choose the right one for your vehicle? Well, there are a couple of important factors to consider and questions to ask yourself in order to get the best deal possible.

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Why Should You Invest in Window Deflectors?

As aforementioned, window deflectors can single-handedly improve your driving experience in all types of weather and terrain from uncomfortable and average into comfortable and exceptional. They help de-mist your window during the colder season which is a result of your heater working and everyone inside the car breathing. Condensation can fog up your windows and make it difficult to see. You can prevent this by opening up a window for extra ventilation.

Do Side Window Deflectors Reduce Wind Noise?

They do! Having your windows open when cruising down the highway or freeway can be amazing. However, once you go over a certain speed, opening the windows even slightly can lead to a blast of uncomfortable and loud wind hitting your face, which isn’t the cool breeze you’re looking for. Window deflectors redirect the wind so instead of going inside your vehicle, it will go up and over your vehicle instead.

What Else Are Window Deflectors For?

What many people don’t realise is that having wind deflectors can help increase your mileage. Since the engine powers the air conditioning, it means that every time you turn the air con on – your vehicle consumes extra fuel. n many circumstances, having the windows open a little to cool the air down inside the vehicle, rather than running the air condition all the time can translate into significant fuel saving benefits. Additionally, you can keep the windows open even when it rains, which can make your driving experience much more comfortable, for a small investment.

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Are Window Deflectors Wash Safe?

They are! Due to the fact that they’re usually made of tough acrylic plastic, they’re capable of withstanding the typical wear and tear that the exterior of the vehicle suffers from, which includes going through a car wash. When you think about it, many people probably wouldn’t install them on their vehicles if they weren’t wash safe, just because nobody would be fond of taking them out and putting them back on every time they wash their vehicle.

Factors to Consider When Buying Window Deflectors

The most important factor to consider is obviously the vehicle fit. Side window deflectors are designed to be easily and simply installed by slotting them over or into the vehicle’s window. This means the deflectors you choose must be the right size so that they can easily fit into place. Speaking of installation, you should consider how the deflectors are installed. There are a few different ways they can be installed, but most of them just slot into position into the window’s groove. Some models, however, are attached with the help of sticky pads on top of the door itself.

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Then, you have to consider their toughness. Window deflectors need to be strong, simply because they’re outside of your car, and they can have things like road debris thrown at them, be soaked by rain or snow, or baked in the Australian sun. Therefore, make sure you get deflectors that are up to the challenge of Australia’s extreme weather. The best wind deflectors will resist damage from UV rays and scratches, keeping them in prime shape for longer.

Before installing deflectors, wind your windows one and clean the channels with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Let the channels dry before removing the adhesive backing from the deflector’s tape. Then, slot the vertical edge of the window deflector into the window channel and make sure that only the flat lip is inside the vehicle, otherwise you risk damaging the deflector. Once the vertical edge is where it should be, gently bend the window deflector down until you can fit its edges on the channel. Next, release the deflector and guide the rest of the lip into the channel. Once the deflector is in place, press it against the side of the window channel while the adhesive tape adheres to it. That’s it! You’ve fitted your window deflectors.

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