What to Consider When Choosing the Right Shade Structure for Your Business

When choosing an outdoor shade for your business it is vital to consider the purpose of the project. Do you need it to enhance the look of your outdoor area, or to provide protection against the elements? In most cases, business owners choose to place a shade structure for a few different reasons – to create a focal point, to add functionality to their outdoor space or to add an element that will complement their exterior design.

Every business has different operations, thus different needs and requirements. For instance, swimming pools, outdoor restaurants, stadiums, and similar, will make great use of a structured shade that’s specifically designed for that purpose. To determine what outdoor shade best suits your business needs, pay attention to how customers behave in different areas on your property. If they avoid standing in certain spots because of the sun and high temperatures, this is a great indicator that you need a functional shade there. Here are a few examples of size-appropriateness regarding shade structures.

  • Car Dealerships – To properly protect all the new and used vehicles that you are selling from direct exposure to sunlight, opt for a shade structure that is big enough to offer full coverage to every vehicle on the lot. Shape and height are important considerations, so for this purpose, choose a shade with an arched top. This way, there will be enough room for air to circulate and your employees and customers can comfortably look around even when the temperatures are sky high.


  • Outdoor Events – Think a wedding ceremony out in the open, an employee appreciation party, or any other event that needs to be held outside during summer time. Us, Aussies, are happy to be living in the country of the eternal sunshine, but sometimes an outdoor shade can prove to be an invaluable addition for the comfort of everyone present. Furthermore, swimming pools also need a shaded spot close to the pool itself. This way the pool will absorb less heat, people will stay protected from the sun while out of the water and the concrete around the pool will be more comfortable to walk on.


  • Crowded Entryways – In places where crowds gather to attend concerts, sports events or movies, the sidewalks and the front entrance are the crucial spots to place a portable outdoor shade in. Make sure the shade is the right height so it can provide comfortable coverage for the people who are standing there in line. Consider buying a shade made of a material that provides UV protection and enables air to circulate.

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