Bamboo Clothing: What Advantages Does It Offer Over Other Options?

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of how our actions affect the environment. Drawing attention to what we can do in order to maintain the health of our planet is gaining a lot of popularity in every aspect of life. In the fashion world, for instance, there is a movement which advocates in favour of the use of neutral, organic clothing pieces made of sustainable produced fabrics. Bamboo is the type of material that gets the most attention regarding this matter as it is the best organic product that’s both good for the environment and our bodies.

To begin with, women’s and mens natural clothing made of bamboo is produced from sustainable natural resources. Bamboo is actually self-proliferating, sprouting new shoots continuously, and the best of all is that it doesn’t require replanting each year. Also, it is the world’s fastest-growing plant and in comparison to cotton, it needs 1/3 less water and no fertilizers. Another great fact about its sustainability is that it requires only 1/10 of the land area that would be needed to produce cotton.

Equally important is the fact that bamboo brings to the table excellent benefits for your body too. First of all, the bamboo fabric is so luxuriously soft that it can be compared to the softness of silk and cashmere. In addition, its fibres have a round shape that doesn’t cause skin irritation and they contain a remarkable anti-microbial bio-agent „bamboo kun“ which makes the bamboo fabric anti-bacterial. This means that bamboo clothing can resist the growth of bacteria.

Furthermore, it is moisture wicking and absorbs much more water than cotton. And because of this feature, bamboo can help you feel dry and comfortable while wicking away the sweat from your skin. Therefore, bamboo is a great choice for both women’s and mens natural clothing, but also for socks, sleepwear, towels and bedding.

When it comes to how fashionable bamboo clothing is, these garments are certainly on their way to reaching the top. It is becoming a favourite material for sportswear, yoga wear and business wear as it can make for a smart look while making a strong fashion and environmental statement. You can find a great range of such pieces of clothing including bamboo T-shirts, pants, evening wear and everything in between and you can rest assured that you’ll still be able to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Finally, bamboo underwear is something we should all try out given how gentle the material is and how delicate the intimate areas are. Along with the before mentioned features, including it being antibacterial and moisture wicking, it has a thermo-control feature that keeps your bits at a comfortable temperature and it offers protection against harmful UV rays up to 97.5%

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