What to Get to Your Dad? – Lovely Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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As society progresses, we see dads taking a more proactive role within families, creating a stronger bond with their children and that’s amazing. However, we should also praise them equally and make sure we dedicate as much effort for Father’s Day as for Mother’s Day. And what better way to show your gratitude and appreciation than throwing a small party or getting him lovely, unique gifts.

What is a Good Father’s Day Gift?

Plan a Party

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If your father isn’t very fond of gifts, you can always throw him a nice surprise party with the whole family. Instead of gifts, prepare his favourite homemade meals and invest in some interesting family games. In order to make the day more special, you can write him a touching letter. Your father deserves to be loved and treated right. He deserves to know how much he is appreciated, and a party like this is a great way to show him exactly that. Taking photos and videos is a must, so you can always look back on this wonderful day.

Get Him a Whiskey Basket

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Except for beer, men like to occasionally unwind with a glass of strong drink. If your dad also loves doing this, you can always treat him with a whiskey father’s day gift basket delivery. You can choose from the large selection of father’s day gift baskets that range regarding both type and amount of contained products. Usually, a father’s day gift basket delivery consists of a nice bottle of premium whiskey, appetisers and chocolate. However, there are variations which gives you the freedom to choose the one that will best suit your dad’s character and preferences. One thing is certain, a gift like this will make him think of you every time he pours himself a glass of your whiskey. Besides this, you can choose a whiskey basket that has two whiskey glasses so you could enjoy it together when visiting.

A Wine Basket for the Wine Connoisseur

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If your dad is a fan of wine, then you should certainly surprise him with a wine basket. Instead of some ordinary wine, choose something special, something memorable. Except for the wine, the basket can also include different types of cheese, appetisers and chocolates as a dessert. Besides this, you can always add a plate for the cheese and a bowl for the appetisers.

All-in-One Grooming Kit

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Updating his grooming supplies can only help him look more handsome than he already is. Some of the things you can add to this set are shaving cream, razors, aftershave cream, scissors, beard oil, a comb, an electric trimmer, cologne, deodorant and of course a toiletry bag. Since you will be creating the grooming kit, you can always choose some of the things your father already uses the most.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Dads deserve to get their own quiet time. Whether he’s working out, mowing the lawn or he just wants to relax, headphones can give him the needed peace. Except for isolating noise, these headphones are perfect for listening to music or his favourite podcast. There are lots of quality noise-cancelling headphones, ranging in price and specs.

Buy Tickets for an Event He’d Enjoy

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If your dad is a sports fanatic, getting him with two tickets for his favourite match would be amazing. Buying two tickets for just you and him is a nice touch and will give him the pleasure to enjoy your company while watching his favourite game. In case he is more of an artistic soul, you can always go to a concert or to some other fancy art event.

Go on a Road Trip

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There is nothing better than a father and a son road trip. If you are already an adult who has a family, treat your dad with a weekend getaway by giving him the pleasure to be in your company. Depending on what he likes, you can visit some nearby museums, historic sites or you can always go to a beach vacay where you can enjoy the time together.

Go Zip-lining

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Both you and your father love adventures? If so, you’ll both love the idea of getting the adrenaline up by zip-lining. Except for being exciting, this activity can give you access to stunning views and the chance to explore the surrounding nature. Luckily, there are lots of incredible zip-lining places in Australia where you can create amazing memories together.

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