What to Look for to Ensure You Get the Best Tactical Flashlight

self-defence flashlight

In the attempt to provide the highest level of protection and illumination there is, flashlights have become an indispensable part of equipment. Everyone who cares about his/her safety, especially when walking the empty dark streets at night needs to carry one. Just look at policemen, hunters, campers and survivalists; they all use them because they know where danger comes from. It lurks from all dark corners in towns, dark forests, dark entrances of buildings or just behind the car parked in front of your house. Yes, danger is everywhere and we need to know the ways we can protect ourselves.

A powerful flashlight, or something like a hunting torch, is a very powerful tool. Not just for illuminating objects around you, but also for incapacitating your attacker. What the flashlight Nitecore brand offers is exactly that – a two in one powerful protection tool. Now, don’t think that the flashlight is a fire weapon – it’s just a less harmful tool that can do a lot in helping you protect yourself. Here are a few things you should be familiarized with.

Do you really need a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight refers to a tool used for achieving a specific goal in war or combat. While you probably won’t go to war, you will most definitely need to be prepared to get in a fight with your attacker. That’s what the flashlight Nitecore offers you: a tool that is powerful enough to blind your attacker and at the same time offering enough lightening features to ease your hunting process, show you your way while hiking or simply looking to find your camp while in the forest. So in short, yes – you do need something as powerful as a tactical flashlight.

Brands: What’s the deal with Nitecore?

I have a personal experience with the brand so I can talk about it more. Nitecore specilizes for manufacturing flashlights, so they know what they’re doing. A typical flashlight Nitecore has a long life span and is very potent in regard to energy efficiency, which makes buying one a very good investment. These flashlights are also very durable, thanks to the aero grade aluminium alloy which practically doesn’t rust. And as the cherry on top is the digital optics technology which provides fantastic throw capability. Definitely worth the try for whatever reason you may want to get it: protection, hunting, an addition to your job equipment or simply as a helping hand in doing around the house chores.

Other criteria

It’s important for your flashlight to provide a lot of lumens in order for you to get light with high intensity. Also, you want high number of meters for the beam distance, which is the number of meters for the distance at which the beam reaches 0.25 lux. In addition, you want high Candela, or in translation, how bright the brightest point of the beam is. Impact and water resistance are criteria which indicate how much damage can your flashlight endure and still work properly, which again, you want it to be high.

In conclusion, a flashlight can and should definitely be seen as a necessity for protection in today’s world where danger lurks around every corner of every street. It can also be seen and used as a very helpful hand when hunting or hiking, especially when you’re not ready to give up because of a little darkness. Having in mind that the market is full of different brands, make sure you make an investment, not a regretful waste of money.

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