What You Need to Know When Buying Commercial Cleaning Supplies

If you’re planning to start your own commercial cleaning service company or consider purchasing supplies for your in-house cleaning staff, it’s a good idea to get properly informed about the different commercial cleaning supplies. First of all, you need to understand that cleaning supplies for residential and commercial use are very different.


The agents and chemicals found in commercial cleaning solutions are often a lot stronger and the equipment used is bigger and more complex to operate. For instance, 3 litres of regular household bleach does not have the power to clean a high traffic bathroom in a commercial building, but a litre of concentrated commercial bleach can. The same goes for cleaning equipment. While you’d be more than happy with a simple vacuum at home, cleaning a commercial space needs a variety of different pieces of equipment such as mop buckets, floor machines, polishers, and many other machines and accessories.

When it comes to purchasing commercial cleaning supplies, it’s never a good idea to compromise on quality in order to save a few dollars. Top cleaning products offer the best value for your money as they help you to clean faster and to efficiently get rid of all kinds of dirt, stains, or mould that plague commercial spaces so often. Not to mention how if you properly and regularly use quality cleaning supplies, you will ensure the commercial space remains sanitary and safe for everyone using it. This kind of peace of mind is priceless.

If you want to save on costs, the best way to do so is to buy in bulk from a good wholesaler of commercial cleaning supplies. Making a contract with a wholesaler and buying in bulk allows you to take advantage of all kinds of discounts. Not to mention how you won’t have to worry about running out of supplies every other week. Quite the convenient way to save money I’d say!

While it’s not always possible to purchase all-green cleaning supplies, make sure to do so whenever you can. While such products might have higher initial costs, you’ll be saving money in other ways. First of all, these cleaning products come with less packaging which means lower shipping costs. Second, green cleaning chemicals are kinder to surfaces, which will only preserve the quality of the surfaces that are being treated with them.

Before purchasing any chemical cleaner, make sure that it’s suitable for the surface of the establishment. You don’t want to be using an abrasive and strong cleaner on delicate tiles that are prone to damage or scratches. If you cannot find a product that has been specifically designed for a particular type of surface, you can opt for an all-purpose cleaner that’s good for cleaning a variety of surfaces.

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