What You Ought To Know About Author Beth Moore

Beth Moore is an American author, evangelist and Bible teacher. She was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but raised in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Beth Moore is the author of numerous books and Bible studies. All of her books and studies are read and popular among women of different age groups and races all around USA and widely. Some of her most famous books include:

  • When Godly People Do Ungodly Things (written in 2003)
  • Believing God (written in 2004)
  • Get Out Of That Pit (written in 2009)
  • So Long Insecurity: You’ve been a bad friend to us (written in 2010)

Besides books, the author Beth Moore has published several audio/video series, including: “Who will you trust?” (2007), the CD “Songs of deliverance” (2006), and the audio/video series “Fully Alive” (2006) that she published in collaboration with James and Betty Robison.


As a Bible teacher and a Christian author Beth Moore founded Bible-based organization, Living Proof Ministries, for women. The main purpose of her organization, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is to teach women to live on God’s word and to learn to love him completely. More than 400,000 women who want to live their lives in accordance to the evangelical Christian principles, from 39 states across USA, had participated in the conferences of Living Proof. What is it about Beth Moore that believers find so encouraging? Perhaps its the way she teaches and speaks to the body of Christ; her unique style which is recognized by warmth, grace, energy, and passion combined with good sense of humor.

The author Beth Moore has dedicated her life to the love of God, and with her work her main purpose is to transmit her love to all Christian women, no matter what their age or race is. She teaches them how to live meaningful life, appreciate and celebrate the name of God. She attends Houston’s First Baptist Church, where she hosts Tuesday-night Bible study for numerous women in the city where she lives.

The teaching of the author Beth Moore is widely respected, which is proven with the fact that numerous Christians from countries overseas appreciate her work and participate in her conferences. Namely, she has held conferences in countries such as: India, Ireland, the Philippines, Singapore and England.

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