What You’ll Need to Make The Bedroom of Your Dreams

Without a doubt all of us have heard the phrase “make your bed” slip out of our parents’ mouths at least a dozen times during almost any given week (or sometimes day) when we were younger. I don’t know if it was just me, but it always bothered me a little. Not that it was all that difficult of a task, but rather that since all you were doing was arranging your sheets, then it really couldn’t be said that you were really making anything. But, putting semantics aside, if you can indeed make your bed, then why can’t you make your bedroom as well.

Now, while it is true that a lot of us don’t exactly have much of a sense of taste when it comes to interior decoration, we really don’t need one to begin with. When designing a room you yourself are going to be living in, whether the colours clash shouldn’t be much of a concern. What should is how much you like your own choices and how comfortable you will fell in the room. This means that there are only a few key elements that every bedroom needs to contain.


First and foremost, it’s quite obvious what every bedroom needs. A thing that’s rectangular, a thing that a lot of people sleep on, a thing that the room itself gets its name after. That’s right, a toilet. But seriously, getting a bed is very easy. All you have to do is pick a mattress that’s right for you, get a sturdy bed frame and get yourself a headboard. Even though that last item may not seem important, headboards or bedheads will put a sort of cushion between your scalp and your wall and spare you a lot of literal headaches in the morning.

The other items that go in your bedroom are usually ones where you can store your clothes and items, meaning dressers, nightstands and wardrobes. Out of all of these, the dresser has a sort of additional effect since it usually holds the mirror, which can make the room seem a bit larger than it really is. The function of a nightstand is for you to have a place next to your bed where you can place a few of your essential items. And finally, the dresser, the exact size and shape of which are largely determined by the space in your room you have at your disposal, as well as the amount of clothes you own.

After you get all of the items from the bedheads to the nightstand, all that’s left is to simply enjoy a good night’s sleep, or in other words, “you made your bedroom, now lie in it”.

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