Work Boots and Pants: What Do They Offer and How to Find the Best Ones?

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Everyone who’s spent some time on a construction site will tell you that it’s a place filled with hazards. Thanks to the training, safety regulations and protocols, most of these hazards can easily be avoided and reduced to a minimum. But when everything else fails, PPE and workwear are considered the last resort. Work pants and footwear are some of the most overlooked components of worker safety. Taking work clothes for granted can lead to undesired consequences, and they can be the difference between getting away unscathed and ending up with a serious injury. Here are some reasons why everyone working in industrial settings and construction sites should highly consider buying heavy-duty workwear.

Work Pants

Work pants can protect you from a wide range of potential hazards. Lacerations are one of the most common injuries that can be easily prevented when wearing the right work clothes made of heavy-duty materials that reduce the odds of sharp objects piercing your skin. Construction sites and industrial environments, in general, are filled with sharp objects such as nails, blades, splinters, etc. Burns are another potential hazard – wearing normal clothing can increase the risk of injury simply because the fire will melt most clothing, and melted fabric on the skin is the main cause of burns, not the fire itself. Special work pants are flame retardant.

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Furthermore, work pants can protect you from muscle and knee pain. Knee pain is often related to activity and age, but in the case of electricians and plumbers who spend a lot of time working on their knees, it’s linked with the nature of their job. Kneeling for prolonged time periods puts a lot of pressure on the knee joints and leg muscles, leading to permanent, unbearable pain. There are work clothes designed specifically for these professions, where the pants feature built-in knee pad pockets. An alternative would be conventional knee pads, but those can be inconvenient, and putting them on and off constantly can be cumbersome.

Work Boots

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There are different types of work boots to prevent a wide range of potential workplace hazards. For instance, if your work involves high voltage machines and is exposed to electricity, there are electric hazard shoes. On the other hand, there are safety-toed shoes for environments that are filled with heavy industrial materials. Furthermore, all work boots will be slip- and puncture-resistant. Besides protection, work boots also offer a lot of support. Since most workers in industrial environments have to stand for long time periods, wearing footwear with proper support and cushioning is a must. This reduces fatigue and it also reduces the strain on the lower extremity muscles and the chances of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Additionally, work boots can offer the necessary protection against extreme weather. Extremely low temperatures can cause hypothermia, reducing blood circulation in the feet which can lead to nerve damage and frostbite. There are also medical conditions, such as Reynaud’s Syndrome which can be aggravated by changes in weather. Work boots prevent that by offering insulation. However, not all work boots come with it, which means you have to find a pair that’s made from the right materials.

Workplace Regulations

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It’s not a matter of whether you should or shouldn’t wear PPE and workplace clothing. Safety boots and pants are part of regulations that should be followed at all times to make sure workers are protected on the job. If your company doesn’t provide the appropriate workwear and fails to enforce its employees to wear it, this can result in lawsuits. These lawsuits are expensive, time-consuming, and can cost the company its licenses and permits. Besides pants and boots, workers must also wear long-sleeved shirts, protective head equipment, and face masks and goggles where necessary. With that said, workers are also held responsible for their own safety. OSHA Compliance Standards state that workers can be sent home if they don’t act in a safe manner, and their employment can be terminated. So for the sake of your own safety and protection, wear your protective equipment at all times.

Key Considerations When Buying Work Wear

Buying workwear online is extremely convenient, the only disadvantage is the fact that you can’t try the items and ensure they’re just the right fit. Wearing properly fitted workwear is absolutely essential, as misfitted clothes can affect your productivity, comfort and safety. That being said, if you decide to go the online route, make sure you buy from a vendor who will work with you to ensure all the clothes they provide are custom-fitted to suit your needs. Furthermore, if you have no idea what to buy online, refer to online reviews. Do your research on the vendor and the brands they offer to see experiences from past customers.

Besides online feedback, make sure the products you’re looking to buy come with a warranty. A reputable seller or manufacturer should stand behind their product if they’re confident in their quality. A warranty is the best indicator of getting the most out of your hard-earned money, as you can just return the item if it fails to meet your needs and expectations.

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