Your Indoor Garden: a List of the Best Vegetables and Leafy Greens to Plant

The fruition of your garden doesn’t have to be restricted solely to the warmer months when the weather is good and you can cultivate your garden. With the great advances in technology, today you can make your own indoor garden with the help of modern indoor planters where you can grow delicious veggies.

modern indoor planter

One of the best ones to consider are planters made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene). In addition to looking good and being extremely durable, these planters are extremely safe as they don’t transmit any chemicals into your vegetables. This feature makes these modern indoor planters a popular choice among urban organic gardeners all over the world. Here are some great vegetable and leafy greens that you can grow indoors year-round.


You won’t get enormous carrots from your indoor garden but with a large and deep enough planter, you will be able to enjoy fresh carrots year-round. Choose a moisture organic potting mix and fill the planter up to 2.5cm from the top. Plant your seeds 0.60cm deep. Keep the planter with the carrots close to a sunny window and keep the soil moist but not wet. Plant new batches or carrots every two weeks to keep them coming all year long.

modern indoor planters


Scallions give you the onion taste without the space requirements. Also called green onions, you can start them from seed or you can pick up some scallions that still have roots attached at the grocery store. Make sure you harvest the tops periodically.


This spicy and delicious leafy green germinates quickly and grows even faster. If you cut the larger leaves and leave the small ones at the center, you will have multiple harvests. Because arugula prefers cooler temperatures, it is the perfect vegetable to grow indoors. Sprinkle the arugula seeds in the container and place them close to a sunny window. Thin out weaker seedlings as needed.


You will be surprised at how long your tomatoes will last indoors. If you add fertilizer, your tomatoes will last even longer. They do well in planters and they do like sunlight, so make sure your tomatoes get the best seat at the sunny window. Start your seeds in a seed flat and transplant them to a large pot when they are a few centimeters tall. This will give your tomatoes studier roots.

It is important to mention that indoor gardens need regular watering, so don’t let the soil to become too dry. Irregular watering can cause the vegetables to have a bitter taste. Self-watering modern indoor planters, which can be easily found online, ensure that your vegetables get the proper level of moisture even when you are not at home to take care of them. So, if you are a busy person, consider getting one for your home garden for the ultimate success.

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