What To Consider When Buying a Bar Fridge

A fridge that’s too large for a room can be a bit of an eyesore and space robber. Whether it’s for your studio apartment, dorm room, summer house or even office, a bar fridge is the most convenient solution to store fresh food and keep drinks cool. This type of fridge is also lightweight and easy to transport to your garden for barbecues and take it with you on camping trips. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy bar fridge is, you should pay attention to some important features like the following.

Bar Fridge

  • Size

Bar fridges usually range between 50L and 150 L in size. The smaller 50L types are perfect for caravans to keep food and drinks fresh and cool when on the road. The average size models are around 100L and offer enough space to store soft drinks, juice, wine or beer for the pleasure of your party guests. Fridges with a capacity of 150L and above not only provide bigger storing space, but are also better in keeping consistent temperatures and are more energy-efficient due to having better interior insulation.

  • Noise Level

Depending on the room you want to keep the fridge in, noise can be an issue for you. Fridges placed in bedrooms or guest rooms have to be absolutely silent so as not to interrupt one’s sleep. Compressor fridges use a motor that pumps vaporised liquid and can sometimes emit an irritating humming sound. Avoid this kind of fridge if you want to keep the serenity in your bedroom. On the other hand, thermoelectric fridges use no liquid to keep cool and are therefore much quieter.

  • Types of Shelves

It’s a fridge so sometimes accidents and spillages are bound to happen. After all, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. When this happens, having traditional wire racks can be a nightmare to clean. If something leaks on the top shelf you can be sure it would run through the cracks all the way across the other shelves and make a mess. Glass or plastic shelves on the other hand, provide more support preventing items form toppling over and don’t let leaks go through. If possible, also try to find a model with adjustable shelves that would let you control the amount of storage space.

  • Doors

When you look to buy bar fridge, you’d notice they come in one door or two door variety. If you need a freezer compartment for ice cubes or to store food for longer periods of time, then the two door model is the one for you. A single door fridge would provide larger storage space, but if you want to freeze something you will need to change the temperature settings for the whole fridge causing everything else to freeze as well.

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