Flattering Summer Styles for Mature Ladies

tulio-flower-dress Source: Tulio

Being a woman in your 50s doesn’t necessarily mean you should dress monotonously and boring. Instead, feel free to embrace stylish pieces that are age-appropriate and enjoy wearing them with confidence without worrying that you are looking too young or like you are trying too hard. Regardless of our age, we all want breezy, easy to wear pieces that are comfortable and trendy, especially during summertime.

Ageing is a natural process and putting on a few kilograms over the years is only natural as well. So, if some style or cut used to look amazingly well on you earlier, now it might highlight all the body parts that you want to hide. Luckily, today there are plenty of ladies summer dresses for women over 40 to choose from, however, not all models suit your figure. So, if you want to look stylish but you’re not sure what to wear, we have a few simple tips for you.

The colours of your summer wardrobe

Summer colours are bright and fresh, so choose pieces that reflect that. Forget about the darker colours of winter and fall for a while and welcome fresh purples and pinks, spring green and sunny yellows into your closet. For example, choosing monochromatic and bright ladies summer dresses is always a good idea, even for women over 50. It helps you create an elegant outfit without much effort. You can smarten up your look by adding some eye-catching accessory such as a patterned scarf or a chunky necklace. Jewel colours like cobalt blue and emerald are fresh and classic. Pink almost always is a great choice for a dress, as well as lemon yellow, purple, mango, turquoise, and orange.

White and navy combined with yellow accessories look flattering and classy on most skin tones while grey with a contrasting bright always looks chic. In fact, grey can be considered as the new black when it comes to summer days. You can choose grey for literally any occasion. However, be careful and choose the one that suits your skin tone. Even though this colour is considered as neutral, it can still be a warm or a cool tone. So, pick one that makes your skin glow. Black and white is a classic combination that looks quite sophisticated.

blue-dress Source: Tulio

Summer neutrals are extremely versatile. You can mix them with ease even when you are travelling. They can look either sporty or casual, but if you want something more dramatic neutrals may not be the best choice. In this case, you should look for a mature summer dress and other pieces that come with strong contrast like white or navy or a strong splash of colour. Also, don’t be afraid to wear denim – this material is perfect for any age. You can easily create an all-denim look that’s suitable for grabbing lunch with friends or grocery shopping.

When it comes to patterns, colour-block is one of the best ones for mature women. It’s unusual, bold and simple. Three big chunks of colour will give you the perfect look. As we mentioned above, choosing a monochromatic bright dress is always a winning combination, but choosing one with a pattern that mixes two or three colours is also a great option.

Creating your outfit

Bohemian-tops-Tulio Bohemian Tops from Tulio

First, choose your top. Then, according to it, you can choose and match your pants and shoes. Bohemian style is a great trend for summer. You can opt for flowing skirts and blouses which look flattering on most body types, or you can enjoy the comfort of loose women summer dresses that are cool, airy and simply make you feel good. Also, make scarves your best friend. Using a lightweight scarf is the best and easiest way to accessorize an outfit and it’s a suitable accessory for any occasion. These are versatile pieces that instantly add colour and style, tying all your outfit pieces together.

Wear comfortable shoes

tulio-footgear Source: Tulio + Footgear

Aside from feeling comfortable in your clothes, you should feel comfortable in your shoes as well. This doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to heels, but rather choose them wisely. High heels will cause you pain right after wearing them for an hour, not mention how walking in them the entire day would make you feel. A model with a low heel, on the other hand, is a different story as it will keep you feeling both, comfortable and confident. When it comes to casual shoes, feel free to choose sneakers with a new and unusual look. This is a fun way to make a statement without sacrificing comfort. Womens sliders are also a good choice of shoes for summer and they are available in many colours. They are super easy to slip on when you are in a hurry, instantly giving you that classic summer look.

How to make the most of your look?

Find a great-looking pair of sunglasses or glasses (if you need them). Wearing them will make you look stylish while protecting your eyes from the sun. Add a pop of colour to your neutral outfits. Choose dresses and other clothing pieces that are suitable for your body shape and size and stick with those that highlight your best features. Darker jeans are an important part of the wardrobe and darker ones are a great choice. Use the most flattering length of a skirt for your body type and never underestimate the value of a quality and comfortable pair of shoes!

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