Ford Ranger Accessories: Which Ones Should You Get for Your Next Adventure?

If you’re looking to take your Ford Ranger off the beaten trail to explore the vast Australian outback, you need to take the time to properly prepare it for the challenges that lie ahead. Although the Ranger is one of the toughest vehicles out there, the Australian outback can be even tougher. With the right setup and accessories, however, there are few places your Ford Ranger can’t go. But what does the right setup actually look like? Well, here are the essential Ford Ranger accessories that you should consider getting before leaving on your next adventure.

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Bull Bar

Bull bars are one of the most important Ford Ranger accessories you’ll come across. They’re essential for protecting you and your Ranger against collision, particularly collision with an animal like a kangaroo. Bull bars are usually made of durable materials like stainless steel or aluminium, and they protect all the fragile parts of the Ranger not only against animals but also trees, logs, and rocks. Ideally, the bull bar you get should also have a winch mount and rated towing points.

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There will probably be a time when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere all by your lonesome. Hopefully, that will only happen every once in a while, but when it does, having a reliable way to get yourself out of that scenario is essential. A winch allows you to pull yourself out of many difficult situations by using an anchor point in the surrounding environment. As aforementioned, winches are typically fitted to the bull bar. When shopping for a winch, make sure you get one that has the capacity to pull the total weight of your vehicle, including the weight of passengers, fuel, and gear.

Snorkel Kit

If your travels are going to include cruising through any type of water, having a snorkel is an absolute must. Every engine needs air to work, and most Ford Ranger intake mechanisms are located on the inner guard or front grille, meaning that when you travel through creeks, beaches or rivers, water can go into the engine and damage it. The snorkel’s purpose is to raise the air intake point higher to prevent all of this while providing the engine with cleaner and cooler air.

ranger accessories

Auxiliary Lights

If you’re in the middle of nowhere, chances are it’s going to be pitch black all around you, and standard lights won’t provide enough illumination for you to drive safely. That being said, auxiliary driving lights can be a real game-changer when travelling at night. The best auxiliary driving lights are those that have a good combination of spread and distance. LED lights are the preferred type, as they’re the most durable, powerful, and energy-efficient out of all other options.

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