How to Build a Men Streetwear Wardrobe

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Trends and styles come and go, but when it comes to building a men streetwear wardrobe, there are a few clothing pieces that are must-haves and never go out of style. One of the most amazing things about streetwear is how nearly everything is unisex.

Wondering what is considered streetwear? Generally, the term “streetwear” is used to refer to an athletically-influenced, casual style. There are many street style tips for a relaxed and urban look. This style usually includes oversized or long mens t shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and different chic accessories.

long men shirt

Long Shirts

A clear staple of any men streetwear wardrobe is a chic long men shirt. This T-shirt has an extended length and is longer than your regular tee. Wondering what are the long T shirts called? Long T-shirts, as well as any other style of clothing that falls longer than the regular cut and is known as a longline. Men longline T shirt models can be found in all sorts of designs.

For a streetwear style, it’s best to wear simple colours like white, black, grey, navy, and similar. However, many guys turn to printed tees instead of simple, solid-coloured ones, which is also acceptable in street style. You can find them in both long and short sleeves.

For maximum comfort, it’s best to choose a long men shirt made from a 100% cotton fabric. Why cotton? Cotton has excellent cooling properties. When you wear a cotton shirt on a warm day, your skin will still be able to breathe and stay cool. Cotton is also moisture-wicking and a natural insulator, which means that this breathable fabric will also keep you warm when worn as an under-layer.

It is a hypoallergenic material that doesn’t cause allergic reactions and doesn’t irritate the skin. Bearing all these features in mind, cotton is the most comfortable fabric to wear; it is durable and ideal for shirts that are frequently washed.
Oversized Hoodies
To create the optimum off-duty style, pair your jeans with an oversized hoodie for a completely relaxed outfit. Many streetwear hoodies often come in oversized designs, as they’re most comfortable and are perfect for a casual style that you can layer. Hoodies are versatile and unisex pieces of clothing.

They cover you up and don’t expose your curves, make your legs look longer (especially if you combine them with shorts), and create a cool, relaxed laid-back look. Hence, this piece of clothing provides tangible benefits like freedom of movement and air circulation. It will also keep you warm while allowing you to create a stylish outfit. When buying a hoodie, choose some of the on-trend colours or consider going for a graphic print on the back or for a logo design on the chest.

Distressed Jeans

Distressed Jeans

Regardless of your style, denim is an essential part of any wardrobe. When it comes to street style specifically, the must-have denim item is the distressed jeans, or also known as ripped jeans. Distressed jeans have been a popular trend in streetwear for a while, thanks to their versatility and different styles. You can choose light or dark blue, black or grey jeans – all fit perfectly in this style. You can also choose the level of distressed detail, from distressed patches to traditional ripped knees. These jeans are easy to style with other streetwear pieces.

White Man Sneakers


There’s no other piece that can make or break your streetwear look like a pair of sneakers. These days, the sneaker market is abundant with options, so you can easily find your pair of contemporary and comfortable male sneakers. From lifestyle to the red carpet to sports, sneakers can easily help you express yourself. The reason why they’re so loved is that they’re available in different styles, designs, forms and colours, and apart from being comfortable, they’re trendy and very affordable. Different styles of male sneakers can be worn on different occasions and with different types of clothing.

Even though there’s an endless list of different sneaker styles, we can still divide them into a few main groups. For instance, a staple for every man (and woman as well) is the all-white tennis sneaker. These are clean and minimalist leather sneakers that are about as close to a dress shoe as a trainer can get. They look great with denim as well as with a casual suit.

In addition, there are running sneakers. As their name suggests, they are meant for and used by runners as they are designed for optimal performance. They are lightweight, breathable and are boasting an incomparable level of comfort. However, they are also the perfect pair for creating a relaxed and sporty street outfit.

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