In What Ways Can Ergonomic Writing Slopes Make Your Desk Job Easier

If you’re an engineer, architect, translator or have some other type of desk job that requires you to work simultaneously on a computer and with printed documents, you’re no stranger to neck pain. When dealing with documents, the standard way is to place them flat on the desk, next to the keyboard. And this way, you need to continuously twist and turn your neck as you switch back and forth between the paper and the screen. While at first, this isn’t so burdensome, as the day goes by, so does the pain in your neck and shoulders increase until it becomes unbearable.


Luckily, with a little tweak to your workstation, it’s possible to make your job easier. Ergonomic writing slopes allow you to elevate the printed material at an angle so that it’s in the same eye level with the screen. This way, the repetitive neck twisting can be eliminated, thus reducing the risk of developing neck and shoulder pain. In addition, desk slopes also improve your viewing angle which can help reduce eye strain.

Ergonomic writing slopes can be beneficial for a variety of desks tasks even if they don’t involve computers, ranging from reading to writing, sketching and drafting. Since they elevate the work closer to you, you won’t need to hunch over the desk in order to do your job. This way, you can maintain better posture, thus eliminating the pressure on the neck and back.

Moreover, writing slopes can provide additional desk space. Since the workstation can be occupied by a variety of items from keyboards to mice, notebooks, pens and personal items, it can be difficult to find a spot to place additional files to work with. With the help of ergonomic writing slopes, workers can be able to increase their available desk space.

Desk slopes can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, wood and metal, and come in different colours. Translucent plastic desk slopes are especially popular as they can seamlessly blend into any kind of desk environment. Furthermore, these desk accessories are available in a variety of sizes to support different types of work materials. There are also adjustable desk slopes available which can have their height and angle precisely tweaked for utmost comfort. You also have the option to purchase a collapsible, lightweight model which can be transported around and is easy to store away when not in use.

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