What Are Inspection Cameras and How Can Homeowners Benefit from Them?

You go to bed late at night, and just as you’re about to fall asleep – you hear a loud sound in the wall. Is it an intruder? Is your house haunted? Or maybe, the most logical conclusion – there is something stuck in the pipes! And having your sewer line or drain clogged is a thousand times worse than having a haunted house. Not only will you have to go through weeks without water, but also there’s going to be an unbearable smelly mess to clean up. Oh, and not to mention all the repair costs.

Inspection Cameras

Don’t just make guesses about what’s wrong with your drains. Look! You might not have any x-ray powers, but with today’s technology even the thickest of walls are no obstacle. You see, with a proper inspection camera a professional can come in and investigate every inch of your pipes without the need to dig into the floor or rip open walls.

A quality inspection camera is made out of a strong durable material such as aluminium alloys. It consists out of four parts: a long sewer cable which is between 30-60 metres, a small video camera attached on the end of it, a control box to operate it and and a video monitor to observe the whole process. The camera’s lens is covered by impact resistant glass which ensures it won’t sustain any damage by constantly getting bumped inside the pipes.

As the camera moves further and further down the drain, there’s a live video transmitted on the monitor an the plumber can check out the state of your pipes to pinpoint the exact spot where the problem is. But even if you cannot make out the problem at the exact moment, the recorded video is always saved for review. This way you can always check again whether you missed something.

But keep in mind that the clog does not necessarily have to be inside the house. For example, if have trees in your garden, their roots can grow uncontrollably long and block drain piping or push into sewer pipes and cause a problem. An inspection camera will save you from making an unnecessary mess of digging through the whole garden and save you from the cost of re-filling and fixing it up.

Another thing inspection cameras can be useful in is detecting any hidden pipes. A lot of homeowners are not aware of how the pipeline system in their house is structured and can unknowingly damage it. For instance, if you want to make any home renovations or bring down a wall that you think it’s in the way, it’s better to check whether there are any pipes going through there before taking any steps.

If you have any doubts about the state of your sewer and drain pipes, wait no longer and enlist a plumber to check them out with his inspection camera. By doing so you can finally sleep well at night knowing there’s no risk of waking up with your neck up in nasty smelly sewage.

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