What Are the Benefits of LED Solar Outdoor Lights

LED-solar-lightsIf you travelled back to the 1920s and told someone that in the 2000s we’d be widely harnessing the sun’s energy for powering our homes, he’d laugh at you both for saying that and on your man bun. But what might have sounded like science fiction decades ago, today, with solar panels dotting the roofs of most houses on a single street, it is reality. And although you might not be aware of it, but besides on roofs, there’s solar technology right there on the streets themselves.

Many modern cities across the world have realized the potential of implementing the combination of LED and solar technology in their street lighting networks. However, LED solar lights have a variety of benefits making them the best choice for residential lighting as well – be it your courtyard, pathway, parking lot or farm. Let’s take a look why.


Local governments are not the only ones that can afford to install LED solar lights. At first they might look as an expensive investment, however, they are the smarter and more cost-effective choice in the long run, when compared to wired lights. Wired lights need to be connected to a power grid, which requires both more money and manpower. Plus, solar lights don’t need to be installed by a professional electrician and you don’t have to dig in your garden to install them. Most importantly, since these lights are 100% powered by sunlight (and Australia has more than enough of it being the 10th sunniest country in the world) you will save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

A Safer Option

The fact that they don’t need to be connected to electricity also makes these lights much safer than other types. If you have small kids playing around in your garden, there won’t be any electrical wires for them to trip on or pull and get electrocuted. So, when planting and digging in your garden, you won’t have to worry about damaging any wires. Moreover, they represent no fire and electrocution hazard when disaster in the form of an earthquake or a severe storm strikes. As you can see, outdoor solar lights are entirely risk free!

Flexibility and Range of Styles

Another benefit of not being wired is that these lights are easy to move around to shed light on different areas. So, if you are hosting a garden party, you can move the lights from different areas to where your entertainment area is set up. After the party is over, you can move them back again. And conveniently enough, you can also take them with you anywhere you go if you ever decide to move. Besides being movable, solar lights also come in a wide range of styles – from classic to ones in a modern design. They are also available as cute accent lights that add charm to your garden, or as a powerful spotlight which will improve the visibility of your pathway and ward off intruders. Whatever your preference is, there’s a type of LED solar light out there to suit your needs!

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