Water Pumps: What are the Main Types & How They Work

You may not pay much attention to pumps, however, that can change in a second if you’re ever left without water from the national distribution system. Finding the right pump is key if you want to get the most out of your water distribution system and save money. There are various types of pumps to consider, all of which are designed with the sole purpose of transporting water from one point to another on a small or large-scale, which is essential in the commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and farming sectors.

Water Pumps

Bore Pumps

Bore pumps are fully operational underwater and are designed to be completely sealed from water entering into the motor, which is thoroughly protected by a cavity filled with oil. You can find cheap bore pumps with relative ease online. Their main purpose is to move water from under the ground to a borehole. The water is then transported to a storage tank, allowing you to save water for a drought.
Both expensive and cheap bore pumps can be manufactured to pump either high or low viscosity liquids with waste, which is then grounded down. The pressure can be decreased or increased, based on your requirements. They’re designed to automatically switch off as soon as the level is too low, making sure the engine doesn’t burn out.

Sump Pumps

If your business or home has a basement, the sump pump is an essential item to have, as it will deal with a cellar or basement leak effectively, thus preventing flooding. This type of pumps relieve the pressure by pumping it out of the area into a sewer line, saving your home and basement from damp. They’re available in automatic and manual operation, and you can switch the pump to both modes as you deem necessary.

Solar Powered Pumps

When it comes to energy efficiency, these are at the forefront. These pumps draw energy from the sun and work off a solar powered screen, thus completely removing the need of carbon fuel. They’re designed to withstand the harsh Australian outdoor conditions and are becoming an extremely popular option as they can tackle most challenges faced by other electrically or fuel powered motors. Solar pumps work well when you need to move large amounts of water from one place to another even at great heights (like transferring water from dams to storage tanks, for instance). They’re reliable, efficient and barely require any maintenance, and you can even use them at night.

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