Lifting Trolley – The Different Types and Their Distinct Features

Maximizing employee’s productivity and making the best use out of your warehouse space are some of the biggest priorities for every warehouse owner. By properly managing these, you maximize your revenue, and consequently – profits. And although working in a warehouse can be quite taxing and difficult, in the advanced world of today there are a lot of tools and pieces of equipment that make this job much easier. One of the oldest and most helpful pieces of material handling equipment is the trolley.

And although there are also some other factors that play a significant role in the productivity of warehouse workers and the general flow of work, trolley lifting equipment has one of the biggest impacts on it. In this blog post, we will take a look at the different types of trolley lifting equipment and their distinct features. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hand Trolley

These pieces of warehouse equipment feature two wheels with a small base and a ruggedly-made back. Hand trolleys are the simplest type. They are rather easy to use – you can stack several boxes on top of each other, on the solid or forked base, just tilt the trolley and push it. However, they are not the most suitable type for heavy-duty loads and long distances. Hand trolleys are able to carry up to 250kg.

Platform Trolley

The most conventional type of trolley is the platform trolley. Its weight capacity ranges between 250 and 500kg. It has a flat platform that’s mounted on a 4 wheel chassis and features one or two handles at each end. The platforms can be large or small and they can be either open or caged. These trolleys are made of quality grade steel, while the more lightweight models are made of aluminum.

Cage Trolley

Cage trolleys are similar to platform trolleys, with the difference that they have meshed walls that prevent items from falling off the trolley when they’re being transported. This feature offers better worker safety and regarding their use – the cages can either be departmentalized with shelves or rails or multi-purpose and large. Cage trolleys are safe for transporting larger and heavier items as they are usually made of steel with sturdy chassis and wheels.

Wagon Trolleys

Wagon trolleys are probably the best option for transporting heavier items due to the fact that they feature a single-bar handle which extends from one end. Wagon trolleys feature pneumatic wheels that increase their mobility both indoors and outdoors, which is especially helpful when carrying heavy objects. These trolleys have a load capacity of about 1T and more.

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