Low Alcohol Wines: What Sets Them Apart


While nothing can replace the taste and alcohol content in stronger beverages, it’s putting emphasis on health and wellness that has made low alcohol beverages so popular these days. Research shows that the demand for low alcohol wines and low alcohol beverages is only to expand even more in future.

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Except for being a better choice for those on a special diet, these wines are also great for anyone who is new to wine and alcohol in general. So, the next time you reach for a bottle of wine from the shelves, make sure to buy lower alcohol wine. You are sure to be surprised by its taste!

What is Low Alcohol Wine?

As the name implies, these wines contain lower alcohol content. In other words, by opting for low alcohol wines you can find the perfect balance between lowering your alcohol intake while still being able to enjoy a glass or two with your friends.

Winemakers in Australia, and in other regions around the world, have been making these lighter wines for decades, but it was until recently that they have become so popular. But to fully understand them, first, you need to know some of the most important wine basics.

Generally speaking, the degree of alcohol is equivalent to its percentage by volume and is usually referred to as ‘abv’ (alcohol by volume). The wine alcohol levels are closely related to the amount of accumulated sugar in the grapes at harvest time. That being said, the higher the sugar levels, the higher the alcohol content in the wine.

The longer the wine ferments, the higher the alcohol by volume. However, alcohol levels can be managed during the winemaking process by stopping the fermentation process. When doing this, winemakers are stopping the development process of sugar in grapes to completely convert to alcohol. This certainly results in lower final alcohol content.

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Alcohol in Low-Alcohol Wines

Unlike manipulated lighter wines that can have reduced alcohol content, thanks to some modern technology, the real wines with lower alcohol are made naturally. They are made from low alcohol level grapes grown in moderate and cooler climates. These wines can also be made from grapes in warmer climates as some winemakers create shade over the grapes, so their alcohol level could be lower.

As you can see, knowing the alcoholic strength of the wine is of vital importance especially if you want to make some significant changes in your life. For instance, there is a significant difference between drinking a few glasses of high alcohol content wine (15% abv) and a few glasses of lower alcohol content wine (10% abv or lower). Besides this, there are many other reasons why you should consider drinking these wines.

They’re Full of Flavour

While some of you might think that low alcohol content wines would probably lack the aromatic wine flavour, this is not the case. Wines that have lower alcohol level are as tasty as traditional higher ABV wines. For instance, a low alcohol white wine can be crisp and delicate just as a high alcohol level white wine. And since these wines contain a significantly lower level of alcohol, you can allow yourself to have more than one glass.

The same goes for low alcohol red wines. They might don’t have the same ABV levels, but still, the flavour intensity will be almost the same. Simply put, you won’t feel that much of a difference when drinking any low alcohol level wine.

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They Have Same Beneficial Compounds

Just because these wines are lower in alcohol content, this doesn’t mean that they are lacking in some beneficial compounds. Low alcohol level wines still have antioxidants, especially polyphenols like resveratrol, anthocyanins, quercetin, catechins, etc., which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

This is because the presence of these compounds depends on the vineyard region, as well as when and how the grapes are picked, and not on the alcohol level. For instance, two same grape varieties grown in different regions can have different polyphenol levels.

Note: Red wines naturally have more polyphenols than white wines.

They Have Lower Sugar Content

Since wine needs sugar to produce alcohol, low-alcohol wines have far less sugar content which is the reason why so many people switch to its use. So, regardless of the type of diet you have, you can enjoy that glass of wine at dinner without feeling guilty at all.

Can You Drink Low Alcohol Wine When Pregnant?

It goes without saying that wine and other low alcohol beverages are a sensible alternative to higher alcohol level beverages. However, this doesn’t mean that you can drink on a daily basis. But an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy won’t harm the baby nor his/her development.

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