Six Tips to Reach Your Workout Goals: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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More and more Australians are engaging in various types of physical improvement. Did you too get into fitness but feel like it’s harder than you thought and you still can’t reach your desired goals? If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one. Working out isn’t easy and everyone can benefit from a little push in the right direction. Here are some ways you can reach your goals faster and become a better version of you.

Try Supplements

Even though they’re not a replacement for a balanced, protein-rich diet, supplements can affect your workout performance and help you achieve the desired results. There are various types of wokrout supplements on your disposal and they are easy to find online. But you have to know a thing or two on how to find the right supplement for workout.

It all starts with researching the stuff that can meet your requirements. For instance, if you feel like your workouts lack endurance and you can use some boost during high-intensity training? Then creatine is the supplement for workout you should consider.

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If you exercise like crazy and still can’t see any significant muscle definition, then you have whey protein. As the name implies, it is a shortcut to boost the protein intake in your diet. The more protein you get, the more building material your body has to grow your muscles.

If you experience muscle fatigue and your body takes a lot of time to recover, you can solve this problem by taking beta-alanine supplements. Beta alanine is one of the most consumed amino acid sports supplements. How does it work? Well, taking beta-alanine helps you buffer lactic acid. And in layman terms, lactic acid is what causes soreness during workouts, so you can start to connect the dots. It will allow you to push through those extra series towards the end of your workout and cut the downtime between workout sessions.

More Compound Movements

It is an easily overlooked, but still important aspect of physical activity – engaging the whole body during one exercise has many benefits. Primarily because this is how your body functions in the real world. So, you can expect to see some pleasant results once you prioritise compound movements.

You can start with squats and then go onto all the variations of burpees. Changing posture and simultaneous pressure on different types of muscles will take you a long way towards the fit body you want. Getting into shape does not rest on one-handed weightlifting.

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Try Different Exercises

If you feel that a certain type of exercise is too much for you or it causes you discomfort when you perform it, stop doing it. For instance, if squats put too much pressure on your knees, then alternate them with a different exercise that targets the same muscles, like deadlift for instance.

And if weightlifting is not for you, go for an activity you will enjoy doing and will still help you build muscles. You have all kinds of sports that can be done both indoor and outdoor. Try boxing, try swimming, try hiking. or rock climbing. This decision is yours to make. If you want to move your body to music, then hell yeah, take that class that runs three times a week. It might take some time until you find the ultimate workout activity for you, but believe me, once you finally find it, it will all be worth it.

Build Up Gradually

Maybe you have been plain lazy. Maybe it was the holiday season that threw you off. Regardless of the reason, you can not go from zero to hero in no time. Even if you find the mental strength and will power to aim for it, your body will stop you. And it will do it quickly. No point in extending beyond your physical means. Set measurable goals and aim for gradual improvements. Athletes don’t just wake up and decide they’ll run a marathon. They work on it and spend a lot of time training. With sense of purpose and relentless dedication.

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Join a Group

Doing your workout together with others is a great idea to improve the motivation and commitment. There are many ways to achieve this. You can join a gym and have group sessions with people that have similar goals. The consistency of your training with change even if your group consists only of two members. If you have someone in your life you can do your workout together. And if exercising with your partner is the last thing you would like to do, you can always find a friend.

Have a Can-Do Attitude

Behaviour and perceptions originate in thoughts. It is all in the mind, even your unfit body that you try to fix. Make an effort to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude. If you really want to be fit, there is virtually nothing that can stop you from achieving it. Introduce a short mediation in your routine. It can be before you start exercising, or before you go to bed. Some prefer to do it as soon as they wake up. This is up to you. Conscious breathing and mindfulness will not only help you get in shape, they will additionally provide relief to any residual anxiety you might have. Rewire the neurolingustic programming in your brain and eliminate defeatist language patterns from your self-talk.

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