Novation Keyboards: The Best Way to Create and Play Music

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First, it was the piano. Lovely melodies played on this wonderful instrument have been filling concert halls and homes for centuries now. One of the most beautiful instruments on the planet, it’s not hard to see why the piano is such a favourite among people.

Still, when the need arose for something similar, but more compact and far more diverse, the idea of the keyboard was born. Even though they’ve existed in one form or another since around the 14th century, the modern-day keyboards, or synths, we know and love have been around for about 70 years now. 

Synths find their use in many musical fields, from garage bands to techno and pop, and it’s all because of their diversity, simplicity, and the general ability to produce sounds the piano just can’t. 

If you’re someone who’d like to pick up playing the keyboard and you’ve done some research on brands and models, you’ll know that there are a lot of them around. It might be confusing, especially if you’re new to the game. So today, I’d like to introduce you to Novation. More specifically, to Novation keyboards. 

Novation Music – What’s the Deal? 

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Picking a keyboard is not as simple as, say, buying a bass guitar and picking strings for it. When buying a keyboard, there are a bunch of things you need to pay attention to. From make and quality all the way to diversity and affordability, it all comes into play and forms the perfect synth. 

This is why I’d like to talk about Novation keyboards today. I’d highly recommend buying a Novation keyboard because of many reasons, but since we only have so much time, I’m going to highlight the ones I found the most interesting and beneficial for keyboard players. 


Novation has been around, making audio equipment, for about 30 years now. In this time, they’ve spent a lot of their focus on creating a variety of different instruments and audio equipment to revolutionize the way we make and play music and help musicians all over the world express themselves. 

Novation’s variety when it comes to their keyboards is huge. No matter if you’re looking for a 61, 49, 37, or 25-key keyboard, they’ll deliver. What’s even more interesting, however, is that the Novation keyboard is never just an ordinary keyboard. 

They’re always accompanied by a variety of different elements and additions to help you create and play music seamlessly and without the need for too many other additions, sometimes even no additions at all.

Of course, this depends on what kind of music you’re playing and what you’re trying to create, but the point still stands – Novation synths offer much more than just a simple instrument. 


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Even though they offer quite the variety of keyboards, among other things, Novation doesn’t seem to compromise the quality on the account of quantity.

Since they’ve been in the business for such a long time they’ve really nailed down every single piece of the synth puzzle and are now masters at manufacturing world-class synths for all to enjoy. 

Originally a British brand, Novation is manufacturing its products in China. Whenever I see something like this I get a bit spooked and sceptical, so I looked into their process and the way their manufacturing is done. 

Turns out that they are a brand that’s very dedicated to quality, both of the end products and every little detail it’s made out of, but they’re also quite concerned about the quality of the work environment the people making the products work in. 

They’ve released a complete statement against slavery and human trafficking, explaining exactly how they combat these issues within their branch, what steps they’re taking to ensure what they’re talking about is actually true, and how they monitor their supply chains to make absolutely certain nobody is left behind or is being treated improperly. 

For me, this was quite a seller as I truly do stand behind moves like these, so if you’re someone like me, this will also appeal to you. Getting products that are completely ethically made, no matter what they are, should always be our top priority. 

Affordability & Accessories

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After seeing all this, I thought that when I go and look at the pricing I’ll be faced with some enormous sum of money that would explain why these guys can actually do all this. 

Turns out, that’s not really the case. Depending on what type of keyboard you’re looking for, Novation offers a pretty reasonable price tag, especially when you take everything into consideration. 

Their products are also often discounted, so anyone with a passion for playing and creating music can afford to do so from the comfort of their own home. Their keyboards are always made compact, even though they’ve got so many features, so you won’t have to worry about space all that much.

What’s more, they also offer a wide variety of quality-made, standard-following, durable accessories for their keyboards and other products to make sure your experience is rounded up nicely and you aren’t lacking anything at all. 

To Sum Up

Novation synths are available to buy from many retailers across Australia and the world, so you won’t have trouble finding their products near you. Before making your purchase, make sure to do the research and answer all the questions you have, so you’re absolutely sure you’re getting exactly what you need. 

Even though playing the keyboards isn’t as popular as playing the guitar, for example, they’re still quite a diverse and fun instrument you can do quite a lot with. I’m very glad that you’ve shown interest in this excellent instrument and I’m very glad I had the chance to introduce Novation to you. 

Even if you don’t choose them, at least you’ll know what the standards in the industry are like, which is extremely important for someone who’s just dipping their toes in it. 

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