Office Moving: What to Do to Ensure Valuables are Safely Packed and Transported?

office relocation
Moving from one place to another is never an easy process, regardless of the amount of items that have to be relocated, and the distance to the new destination. However, moving an office is even more confusing because there are many aspects to take care of.

First things first, you have to check the time when the buildings have less traffic and are available for moving out/moving in, find a trustworthy relocating company to make the move cost-efficient and faster since they have the suitable equipment, transport, as well as experience. Of course, there’s your role in handling the items that also counts.

Ensuring the valuables are well taken care of, you need the supply of boxes in the right sizes for all of the items, and the packing tape to secure them so no damage happens. Great news is, when you find the shops specialised in packaging solutions, you can find low cost packaging tapes without compromising on quality.

packing tape

There are those types of packing tape, made of strong natural or synthetic rubber adhesive, perfect for many sealing applications, more so as they are created to perform well in warm and cold environments equally.

One of the tapes that stands out with its versatility is the scotch tape, also known as transparent office tape which was created in the 1920s by Richard Drew, but there are different sizes of it as well as strength so you have to choose accordingly to the valuables and boxes if you want to avoid efficiency, money, and time going to waste.

Starting from the weight of the packaging, those boxes weighing less than 6kg can be sealed with a scotch 370 and 371 tape, as opposed to those from 6 and above up to 18kg with scotch 372, whereas anything over 18kg should be sealed with scotch 375.

Depending on the moving itself, and how the transport would be done (also how long it would take), you can’t forget to consider the stability of the packed contents. While this refers to filling up space with the much-needed packaging beans, it refers to the tapes too. In case of a lot of shifting, then you can’t overlook the scotch 375 tape, and anything stable would do well with scotch 370 and 371.

Last but not least, the length of the box, and most importantly the value of your items both determine the tapes. Longer boxes with things of value require the use of scotch 375, and for smaller boxes with inexpensive contents you could use scotch 370, 371, and 372.

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