Tips on Choosing Clothes for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Three and a half years ago I took on the role that changed my life – I become a mother for the first time. My little girl became my entire world and her needs and well-being was all I cared about. I was preoccupied with her sleeping and eating schedule, bathing her, whether the room temperature was right, and her tiny little clothes. And as much as I may have been exhausted (and I truly was) I was the happiest person on this planet.

And since my baby girl is born in the middle of winter, I have to admit that I was driving myself nuts with things like whether she was dressed properly, was she cold, was she hot, or did she feel comfy in those clothes. Ugh! And amidst all that confusion and sleepless nights, I found my savior in the form of the cutest piece of clothing – baby cardigans!


These little loveys are not worn just during the winter – they can be worn all year round. Little babies are very sensitive, which means that even the slightest change in the weather and drop in temperature can affect them. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and materials but baby cardigans made from 100% pure cotton are definitely the best choice. Being made of cotton, they are of a really high quality, soft, comfy and easy to wash – which makes them your best ally when you quickly need to dress up your baby in something that is equally cosy and looks nice.

One very important to pay attention to when buying baby cardigans though, is that they should not have any small buttons or ties. Babies become acquainted with their environment by touching and putting things inside their mouth, so any clothing with decorative items poses a risk of choking. Also, when buying baby cardigans, do not rely on the age of your little one solely. Different brands size their clothing differently, so besides the age and the size of your baby, another thing to consider is her/his weight. For example, some babies may never fit into the typical size for newborns, while others may wear a certain piece meant for newborns for the first two months or so. It really is different for every baby.

Bottom line is, keeping your little bundle of joy warm and cosy during the colder period of the year is essential for his/her health and well-being. Always go for cotton as it is the softest fabric for babies there is. Plus, it provides great aeration, has amazing moisture-wicking properties and it is non-allergenic, which means you won’t need to worry about your baby’s skin becoming red and irritated. Simply put – cotton baby cardigans tick all the boxes.

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